Let’s raise the bar!!! Time to set some goals!!!

UGH! Today’s workout was unreasonable, but then again, that is what we are here for, no? It is uncommon for humans to ask that much of themselves and Crossfitters are by nature uncommon humans.  This workout was one were you really had to ask that voice in your head to quiet down or take a break and let the machine that is your body take over.

The workout was a ladder:

50,40,30,20,10 PULLUPS interchanged with

10,20,30,40,50 BURPEES

Speaking of being unreasonable and asking more of ourselves, let’s set some goals. There is a great tool through an amazing company called Lululemon Athletica. They have a goal tending website that anyone can go to and set up goals. It is an amazing resource and it is available to you for free. Check out http://goals.lululemon.com/ . They will actually check in with you(only if you ask them to) about how your goals are coming along.

So, Here are a couple of things that Lululemon recommends,off of there goal tending website,  in or order to set yourself up for success.

Nature wants us to be mediocre because we have a greater chance to survive and reproduce. Mediocrity is as close to the bottom as it is to the top.

There is no manual for life. Who you are, where you go, and how soon you get there is up to you. Goal setting is a tool that helps you get what you want out of life. It’s that simple.Just as there is no right way to live, there is no right way to determine your goals. The lululemon goaltender site takes you step by step through the process of goal setting, so that you create goals that are powerful and meaningful to you.

how to write your goals: 5 steps
A goal needs to be specific and measurable so that you can easily determine if you’ve achieved it. Here’s an example of a wish: “I don’t work out enough, I wish I were in better shape.” And here’s how to turn it into a goal:

  1. Use affirmative language: “I will exercise more”
  2. Write in present tense: “I work out more and am in better shape”
  3. Make it measurable: “I exercise twice a week”
  4. Be concise. No need to justify: “I run on Mondays and Wednesdays”
  5. Be specific: “I run for 45 minutes on Mondays and Wednesdays”

what is a goal?
A goal is a written, measurable statement with a specific subject and a deadline. A goal is a milestone in the creation of your ideal life. A goal is what inspires you to do the work everyday.

why it’s good to fail
Failing to reach about 50% of your goals is a good indication that you’re motivated and challenged. Failures and disappointments are critical steps toward success. If you haven’t achieved a goal, decide if you should set a new deadline or reconsider the goal – perhaps it’s one you aren’t committed to! Own your failures, and learn from them.

making it happen: Do one thing a day that scares you.
Write goals that excite you. Write them for yourself, not for other people. Often we tend to set goals around things we feel we have to because of pressure from parents, partners and friends. Have fun! Do your goals thrill you?

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SO, There you have it… Use that as a guide and go from there. Write some goals down. Make them specific and measurable. Tell anyone that will listen. Especially other Crossfitters and a coach or two. Give yourself a time line.There is great power that can be accessed by simply saying something out loud and declaring it. Start today!!!!

Here are my current goals:

1) Go to CrossFit 4-5 per week, getting to the 7am class as often as possible.
2) Re-establish Paleo (I fell off the wagon)
3) Back squat 160lbs by July 22 (Seems a good one since we’re about to start that Wendler series)
4) Get to a 20″ box jump by August 1
5) Get a double under by September 1

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