Girls Inc. visits Undisputed!!!!

The Crew!!!!

Today Coach Crow and I had the distinct pleasure of spending an hour with 13 young women from Girls Inc. They came to us to learn about our take on fitness. We spoke to them about what Crossfit is,  talked about the Crossfit Pyramid, took them through an animal movement/dynamic stretching warmup, ran the gamut of gymnastic movements with them and then took then through a tabata workout with situps and squats. The girls seemed very engaged, asked questions and performed the movements and workouts with proficiency. For me, it felt like an amazing opportunity to potentially influence a few of their ideas or opinions about what it is to be fit. What an incredible position to find ourselves in. A position of great responsibility and privilege. Some of these girls played sports and some did not. But, all of them had a raw and innate ability and it felt like a real gift to be able to coach them. My hope(and Crow’s too) is that we can continue to participate in the community around us in this way. Undisputed Fitness/Crossfit Santa Fe is so blessed to be based in and around community. It is a natural progression to take it further and create that powerful and impacting ripple effect. We are out to change the world, people. Hope you feel inspired to do the same!!!

Plank Walk

Box Jumps

Pullups with assistance bands!

Tabata squats and giggles!

This almost made me cry. The girls had a great time and they really want to come back. Thank you, Crow and Heather, for being so awesome all the time.

Comment by Alexis B — June 22, 2011 @ 7:30 pm

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