Sat June 18, 2011

I have been waiting for a book to come in at the library, a book that Coach Crow is obsessing over (teasing Crow)…Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I just gave in and bought the dang thing at Borders…with a 40% off coupon..thank you! Now, I don’t want to steal Coach’s thunder but I am gonna post something I read in this little book.


Ya’ll know I HATE  to run.  It has always been my firm belief that some people are meant ot run…some swim…others lift heavy shit…I have more of a Heavy Shit kind of body. Now…there are WAY too many things in this slim little volume to really hit them all here…but there are a bunch of body mechanics and anthropological info in here that are starting to change my thinking about running, much like Sex at Dawn changed my view about cooperation & violence and The Paleo Diet changed my view about food.


As I am reading the other day..I hit a passage that brought me to tears…yes a Non-Fiction book about running made me cry…yikes.  Why?  I felt a mirror being held up to the very core of my personality.

There is a young woman in the book..Jenn.  Now those of you who have already read the book know that on the surface she is not at all like me…so hold on here…I still saw something that made me understand who I am as an…athlete.

She is an Ultra of those people who race for 50 or 100 miles and she is fast…really fast. Her marathon times more than qualify her to be in the Olympics. When asked why she doesn’t go out for the Olympic team, she says.. ‘I hate the hype….where is the mystery.’

She decided to start running Ultras ‘…to become a better person. I thought if you could run one hundred miles, you’d be in this Zen state. You’d be the fucking Buddha, bringing peace and a smile to the world.’  She then goes on to say it didn’t really work because she is still the same ‘punk-ass’ she was before she started running, but she does say that when she is running, it is the only time her brain stops chattering at her….

That sounds familiar….

It is just movement, flow and motion.

The author then describes a photo of her after a 30 mile run, ‘Her naked delight is unmistakable; it forces a smile to her lips that’s so unguarded, you feel she is lost in the grip of artistic inspiration.’ That is after a 30 mile run…30!

I read this passage and understood something about myself…this is why I sometimes get the giggles when I work out. I get lost in the pure joy of being able to move my body…hard, wicked, nasty as it may be sometimes.  I have found flow in my body and damn if the ‘voices’ don’t get shut down at that point.

This young runner and I started moving for the same be a better person and in the process we found the artistic joy of pushing our bodies to~ then through what we thought our limits were…and what happened on the other side of the limit? we smile..we laugh.

That is why I sing~dance~laugh in the gym?  Wow….

Thanks Crow for bringing this book to my attention. Anyone else reading this blog…pick it up from the library if it ever comes in….or print up the 40% off coupon like I did….or borrow it from me!  But I want it back…Cause if you don’t give it back…I may just be inspired enough by this book to run you down.


Love it Mona!!! I was nearly brought to tears several times i that book as well, which is why I have the fantasy of handing it out as required reading to every athlete, so many precious pieces in there…like that. Glad you are enjoying

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