born to….


Many of you know that I recently read the book “Born to Run” and have been so super excited about it, I fantasized about making every athlete at the gym read it. I have decided instead to share pieces of it with you periodically. After all the positive outpouring from everyone after Heather’s beautiful blog was posted yesterday it reminded of a passage in the book that talks about a little known athlete named Emil Zatopek. Emil was a Czech soldier, described as gawky and having horrendous form, who loved to run. He would run after a full day of infantry drills, he would run in the winter, he would run with his wife on his back and in his combat boots no less. Most people who train for marathon practice by running slow long distances, but he would practice by running sprints. He came from a country that at the time had no training, no tradition, no native ability-in regards to running. But he did it anyway. He was considered a chatty cathy in races which drove people crazy with annoyance and respect. Outside of the races he always made friends with everyone so much so that sometimes his hotel room would be packed and he would sleep outside! In the late 40’s he ran races nearly every other week for three years and had a record of 69-0….unbeatable! There is a beautiful story about his first marathon it was at the 1952 Olympics and it was after he placed first in both the 5,000m run and the 10,000m run….I won’t share here the details of the Olympic marathon, but needless to say he won. At the finish line he was swooped up by another country’s team before even his own could get to him to congratulate him.

What am I talking about and how does it relate to Heather’s blog and every one who responded? I am talking about a love and zest for life! People were inspired to be around him, the appreciated who he was. His love shone thru every moment and others rejoiced in it, his was an infectious joy. Much like the joy Heather expressed and you all felt in her blog. Much like the joy we all have for this beautiful community of athletes. This tribe. My wish is for us all to have a passionate love of life that infects all those around us.

“Let us live so that when we come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry.” Mark Twain

tomorrow’s wod-50 pull ups 10 burpees, 40 pul ups, 20 burpees, 30 pull ups, 30 burpees, 10 pull ups, 50 burpees

Mobility WOD