Video Contest!!!

Starting July 1st we will begin our “I heart CFSF/Undisputed Fitness” video contest. Videos must not be more than 90sec. They must have “I heart CFSF/Undisputed Fitness” as the title and you must pay the 5$ entry fee. If you team up with another person you both must pay the entry fee. The video will be uploaded, by you to YouTube, and the video with the most hits…WINS!!!!!

Watch the tutorial video staring CFSF’s own; Naturally Nasty Nate Harris…..

\”I <3 Undisputed Fitness/CFSF\” video contest

Also tomorrow’s wod:

2 power snatches a minute for 8 minutes 

WOD 8 min amrap
8 deads 275/185
8 box jumps

Gymnastics, YEAH!

Today, we tackled the second wave of The Wendler Program for the Back Squat.

Then we did an awesome lil’  WOD that we got off of Carl Paoli’s daily Gymnastic WOD. This is a great resource for those of you that want to get more proficient in your gymnastic movements. For me this is like a playground of wonferfulness! Check out-

About Gymnastics WOD

Gymnastics WOD

Human bodies were designed to move freely in space in the most effective and efficient manner. As athletes, gymnasts are known to execute the most optimal movements through impeccable control of strength, balance, and power.

The Gymnastics WOD (Workout-of-the-Day) was specifically designed by the team at Naka Athletics to build a stronger gymnastics foundation for athletes at all levels and of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are a former gymnast, an elite fitness enthusiasts, a CrossFit-er, or a regular-joe or -jane, we will get you moving better, faster, and stronger through the fun and dynamic workouts!

About Carl Paoli

Carl PaoliBorn in the U.S. to Swedish parents and growing up in Spain, Carl Paoli learned from an early age how to connect to and be conscious of others. Carl’s childhood passion and enthusiasm for physical activity lead him to explore many different sports such as snow boarding, skiing, wake boarding, water skiing, karate, among others. It was his love for gymnastics, however, that would greatly shape his definition of hard work and determination.

Carl soon rose to become an elite gymnast in Spain where he trained and competed for over fifteen years. Throughout his gymnastics career he received many accolades, including a National Gold Medal for Vault. Carl studied Environmental Science at Universidad Miguel Hernandez and specialized in Genetic Engineering and Coral Reef Ecology. After university, Carl returned to the U.S. to pursue his career in marine biology.

Carl’s mind was never far from his appreciation for sport and fitness, and he reentered the world of gymnastics in 2004 in San Francisco. He now works as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and runs his own practice called Naka Athletics, which specializes in all level physical preparation and representation of action sports athletes.  Carl is currently also a Crossfit certified Level 2 Trainer and loves working with his team at San Francisco CrossFit.

AMRAP in 7 minutes:

I, for one, thought that this workout was super fun. I love learning new movements and really accessing different elements of the constantly varied aspect of Crossfit. Keeping the hallow position is crucial to these gymnastic movements and it is an interesting thing to really emphasize in movements that we have done before but not exactly in this way, ie. the burpee.

Kelly Starrett of the Mobility WOD ( and Carl Paoli team up in the Crossfit Journal to talk about the “Hollow Position” as it pertains to exercises like the burpee!

The following excerpt is from that article:

The Position: Part 2—The Burpee

By Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli – April 8, 2011

“Here is another classic CrossFit exercise that ends up being a fantastic conditioning tool,” Starrett says.

The straight jump of the burpee demonstrates “The Position,” also called “neutral” or the “hollow-body position.” As a precursor to developing a correct burpee, Paoli has his athletes perform a push-up to a straight jump to avoid the body flop and the broken, over-extended jumping position most commonly associated with the burpee. The straight jump translates into a well-integrated box jump.

“We’re really interested in how to reinforce an open hip and neutral-spine combo, and so all of these kind of throw-away, traditionally-thought-of-as-conditioning exercises become very important potentiators of neutral spine, powerful spine,” Starrett says.

Two of our 6am athletes crossfitting Machu Picchu



Please feel free to send us pics anytime….

Tomorrow’s WOD:
20 min amrap
5L Pullups
10 games pushups
15 one legged squats




Tuesday. Wendler Wave II

Hey everyone tomorrow we will continue with our Back Squats and the  Wendler Series. please please please have your numbers ready. The Wendler Wave II will be followed by, a different and fun gymnastic wod. One of each AMRAP 7 minutes: Roll to Candle Stick 1 Straight Jump 1 Burpee1 Tuck Jump  (6/25)

Also I wanted to let everyone know we will be beginning our video contest. The “I heart Undisputed Fitness and CrossFit Santa Fe because…” video contest will begin the 1st of July and you will have until September 1st to submit a video of why you love Undisputed and CFSF. The video with the most views will win a prize from CFSF.

Contest Details: 5$ to enter, video must be titled “why I love CFSF and Undisputed Fitness”, video must not be more than 90secs. If you collaborate with another athlete, both must enter $. The video with the most views will win a prize.

Hello Lovlies!

Double Under skill set with mobility

15 minute AMRAP

8 kb bench press (1/2 body weight)

16 box jumps 24/20

24 double unders

see you all tomorrow!


Amrap 20 minutes
5 hang cleans 95:65
5 front squats
5push presses
5 back squats

Megan- pre push press!


Skill medball clean

200 m run
50 medball cleans
200 m run
50 double unders
200 m run
50 pushups
200 m run
50 pullups

This summer let’s everyone get a journal. Start recording your workouts, rest days, eating habits, sleep, etc. Why? Read here:

BTW this is required reading, it’s short, written well…you’ll like it!

Girls Inc. visits Undisputed!!!!

The Crew!!!!

Today Coach Crow and I had the distinct pleasure of spending an hour with 13 young women from Girls Inc. They came to us to learn about our take on fitness. We spoke to them about what Crossfit is,  talked about the Crossfit Pyramid, took them through an animal movement/dynamic stretching warmup, ran the gamut of gymnastic movements with them and then took then through a tabata workout with situps and squats. The girls seemed very engaged, asked questions and performed the movements and workouts with proficiency. For me, it felt like an amazing opportunity to potentially influence a few of their ideas or opinions about what it is to be fit. What an incredible position to find ourselves in. A position of great responsibility and privilege. Some of these girls played sports and some did not. But, all of them had a raw and innate ability and it felt like a real gift to be able to coach them. My hope(and Crow’s too) is that we can continue to participate in the community around us in this way. Undisputed Fitness/Crossfit Santa Fe is so blessed to be based in and around community. It is a natural progression to take it further and create that powerful and impacting ripple effect. We are out to change the world, people. Hope you feel inspired to do the same!!!

Plank Walk

Box Jumps

Pullups with assistance bands!

Tabata squats and giggles!

For Wednesday

Quad hip and hammy release/warmup
400 mtr
50 air squats
200 mtr backwards
50 squats
400 mtr
50 squats
200 backwards
50 squats

WWWWWendler Baby!

Wendler Back Squat: first wave

First published here on 9 May 2011…go back a few if you want more info….but this is the basics

“Before starting the program, you will need to know your one rep max for each of the big four.  From there, calculate 90% and use that 90% figure as if it were your real max, i.e. to calculate the percentages below. The idea is to undershoot so as to get better quality work and avoid failure.

Here’s the basic structure:

Wave 1: 65%x5, 75%x5, 85%x5 or more
Wave 2: 70%x3, 80%x3, 90%x3 or more
Wave 3: 75%x5, 85%x3, 95%x1 or more
Wave 4: 40%x5, 50%x5, 60%x5

Skill kb squat clean

Amrap  7minutes
4 kb squat cleans to thruster 24k/16k
20 double under

We hope you are noticing a programming pattern here…last week we learned medicine ball cleans, yesterday cleans…it goes on and on, enjoy the sanity people!

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! The BBQ was oodles of fun!!! Thank you all for coming and for being part of our tribe! And for the watermelons! Pics to follow…

Howz about we bring in the week with a HERO!

Skill clean and push jerk

Five rounds for time of:
155 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155 pound Push jerk, 6 reps

Mobility WOD