The worst person who ever walked into the gym.

April 30, 2011

Hi there!

I am new to this site and to this blogging thing, so let me introduce myself.  I am Mona…I have doing Crossfit for about 11 months here at Undisputed Fitness. I was recently asked to contribute to the Crossfit blog.  I love this blog…cause I get all sorts of information about breathing, my feet, shoes, lifting and running…as well as all sorts of pictures of the athletes at Undisputed.

Well…you won’t get any of that from me..well probably not.

I titled this blog as I did because the day I walked into undisputed, I was probably the “biggest” challenge they ever saw walk though those doors.  I was about 75 pounds overweight, I *thought* I was eating what I called ‘healthy-ish’, and I had never…NEVER been an athlete.  NEVER.

So, here I am today…almost 60 pounds lighter…eating paleo…and  I think I might be approaching…sort of…maybe…a mid-life onset athlete.  As you can see..I am not so sure about that part yet.

I struggle, I have cried in the gym, I have been super angry, and found great joy.

So…these are the things that the coaches are going to let me write about…cool huh?  Let me know what you think. Let me know what you struggle with and I’ll let you know who I am at Undisputed and in this body.

See you on Saturdays!


I just read this to myself and then exclaimed, loudly and in a restaurant, “Goddamn, Mona’s a bad motherfucker!”.

Comment by Tait Fletcher — May 1, 2011 @ 10:13 pm

Mona- Your contribution to the gym has been invaluable. I am sure that your blog will be as well. You are a constant reminder to me how fortunate I am to get to do what I do for a living and to be surrounded by people that choose a better life.

Comment by Heather Eve — May 2, 2011 @ 5:34 am

YAY MONA! I look forward to reading your blog posts. You’re such an inspiration to me.

Comment by Alexis B — May 3, 2011 @ 5:06 am

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