The Sweet Stuff

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5 Rounds: 15 MBC, 15 wallballs

The sweet stuff baby, I am not talking about this wod, I am talking about nearly everyone’s drug of choice; SUGAR! Now if you are following the paleo diet strictly then go on with your bad self and skip down to the photos, unless you want to be learned that is…Sugar sugar sugar there are so many things written on the subject, so many ideas about good sugar bad sugar natural sugar refined sugar blah blah blah. I was recently reading an article in “Mother Jones.” It was talking about glucose and fructose and how not only our body processes each of those but what forms of sugar had what ratio of glucose to fructose.

I guess what was really interesting to me about this article is that while I do follow paleo pretty strictly with a very occasional cheat, when I do cheat I have had the misunderstanding that the sweeteners I was using were “healthier” than regular old table sugar.  They weren’t!

So what are some of the common forms of sweeteners; brown rice syrup, maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, sugar, Karo corn syrup (different from high fructose corn syrup hereby known as HFCS), fruit juice concentrate, cane juice.

Table sugar is one part glucose one part fructose,  HFCS is almost that it is 45/55, maple syrup is 52/48, honey 47/53, brown rice syrup 100/0, agave nectar a whopping 10/90.

So what does this mean? Well glucose is stored in various tissues to be used in the body as fuel. Fructose is sent to the liver where it is processed, because of this it causes fats to stored in the liver obviously ready to cause some trouble. Some of the troubles include gout, diabetes, and heart disease. Also it can lead to insulin resistance which is a terrible state to be in because you fell hungry all the time, even when you are full.So the higher the fructose levels the more taxing it is on your body, the less fuel you have to burn and the ore likely you are to developing a health risk.

So while agave nectar has been reported to have a low glycemic index, it is so high in fructose it is nearly the same or worse than HFCS. DRAT! Another scam it seems by the health food industry to keep us addicted to sugar. Which brings me back to paleo. Of course paleo requires us to not eat sugar at all outside of fruits and veggies.  You can get plenty of sweet fixes by eating fruit! And while fruit does indeed have fructose, it also has fiber and fiber+fructose=frucose entering into the blood stream more slowly, which is healthier for us. Hooray!

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