The Deceiver, Isabel

Isabel is the great deceiver. One movement, thirty times, once thru. 135/85#!! Now many who are just learning the snatch may have had to drastically scale your weight from the Rx’ed in order to develop the mechanics of this dynamic lift, and still you felt the fatigue of this benchmark.

I also noticed many folks who commented that after they finished they should have went heavier. Maybe. But if if you don’t follow the rule of “mechanics, consistency, intensity” you will not develop the movement correctly and you greatly risk injury. Those three pieces, mechanics, consistency and intensity are very much the same as the principal of core to extremity. To directly bring it back to the snatch,” shoulders lead arms follow” when the arms lead we lose power and the lift is lost. I want to continue to encourage all athletes to slow it down, the time you spend now on the PVC learning these Olympic lifts will help you achieve beautiful lifts at prescribed weights all that much quicker. Does that make sense? Remember leave the ego at the door, pull your patience out of your gym bag and get ready to learn. There is no shortcut to elite fitness but you all are on the road directly to it!

Happy Birthday Coach Heather!!!!!! So glad you are here

Have an awesome weekend, see you all tomorrow at the First CrossFit Santa Fe competition, the “330 Challenge” root on fellow athletes and bring your best!!!!

Snatch for Heather’s birthday! Better than cake!

Comment by Alexis B — May 20, 2011 @ 11:05 pm

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