“330” Challenge WHUT WHUT

The challenge finals this Saturday were AWESOME! It was a super fun day, with great athletes, lots of improvement, positivity, and in a supportive environment. A special thanks to Seth Kursel, who came out to the 1 o’clock event, just to support his classmates!!

So the results are in! All of the winners will all receive a special ribbon and the Fastest Time and Most Improved in both women and men will receive cash money as well. See the board Wednesday morning for results, ribbons, and rupees (paid in US$).

So today’s wod the Tim Franke Special, 200m run, 7 squat snatch 75/55, 14 pirate squats (one legged), 21 kb swings 24/16 200m run 3 times….. This workout brought to the table everyone’s weakness when it comes not only to squatting with arms overhead but squatting general. Do not let your strength deceive you! FORM FORM FORM. If your squat suck, FIX IT! Work on them at home, in the kitchen against a wall at your cubicle, in the bathroom, random places…at the grocery store when you want to reach for some thing lower in shelf, SQUAT. Get em in where you can fit em. But the more squat you do out of the gym, the greater your improvement will be in the gym.

oh ya, and tomorrow’s work out of the day…..Wendler Wave III baby! Followed by a sweet little treat, the paleo cookie,        12min AMRAP 2 burpees, 3 power cleans 155/115, 4 pull ups, 5 box jumps 24/20″

Mobility WOD