A great opportunity to help in our community!!!

MAY 10, 2011- Wendler Dead Lifts

First we took 90% of our one rep max Dead Lift then we apply the following percentages to that # and go from there…

Wave 1: 65%x5, 75%x5, 85%x5 or more

then, the cookie: 10 minute AMRAP-

15 V twists(2=1) 16kg/10kg

10 Seated Shoulder Presses 16kg/10kg

5 Clapping Pushups

Well, we initiated Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 Method of building strength in our power lifts today. We started with the Dead Lift. The math was tricky at first(well, not really tricky, more just time consuming), but once we got the hang of it, excitement took over. I, for one, am super excited to see where this takes us. To think that there is a simple mathematical formula to increasing our PR’s for our Dead Lifts, Squats, Military Presses and Bench Presses(not sure how we will pull this one of yet) makes me a little giddy! So, on that note, please try and attend Tuesday classes for the next month and let’s see how this goes!!!

Now, on a totally different and extremely humanitarian note, one of our athletes asked for our help in raising some money to support the amazing programs that Girls, inc. institutes and nurtures that educate our young girls to become strong and self empowered women. I already dropped some cash in the jar.So please, open your hearts and your wallets and drop some cash in the jar at the front desk as you walk in the door!

“It’s inspiring to see a community where we all are taking our health seriously. As a newbie, I am motivated by seeing my fellow CrossFit athletes continually pushing themselves, and reaching out to encourage others to do the same. Whether we’re a beginner or a top athlete, we are all taking the steps needed in order to live our lives with intention and focus. We work hard, learn to celebrate our successes, and learn how to push through adversity. We support one another, teaching each other how to stay strong in mind and body. We are learning to see life in a bigger picture, and acknowledging that health, nutrition, and community are keys to a successful and joyful life.

Now, imagine if we were all taught to do this at a young age? Imagine if we were given this same support system when we were 15?

I work at Girls Inc. of Santa Fe, and our work inspires girls to live their lives with intention and focus, to take pride in success, to work through adversity. We teach girls how to make healthy choices for themselves. In honor of that, and because this week is Women’s Health Week and Girls’ Rights Week, I’m taking the bold step of asking my fellow Undisputed Fitness athletes to make a contribution to Girls Inc. of Santa Fe to support their Teen Sports and Health programs.

Girls Inc. uses nationally research-based programs. One of these programs is the Mind + Body Initiative which educates girls on each of the four issues that play a major role in fortifying girls’ ability to develop and sustain strong minds and strong bodies: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Stress Management, and Body Image.

Girls Inc. also has the EnCourage program (the teen outdoor leadership program), which builds adventure sports skills, fosters independence, equips girls to be healthy, safe and active outdoors and to strive-freely & take positive risks in all parts of their lives. We’ve formed a partnership with NOLS, sending SF teens on outdoor adventures around the country. (Most of the girls that go on these adventures had not learned how to appreciate the outdoors in a safe way prior to their time at Girls Inc.)

Girls Inc. programs are experiential and fun! They intervene to help girls develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to make the best decisions for themselves. The recession  is still making it difficult for individuals and non-profits, but EVERY DOLLAR HELPS US IN OUR WORK TO INSPIRE ALL GIRLS TO BE STRONG, SMART, AND BOLD!

So, yeah…help the girls out with their desire to live healthier lives.

You can go to www.girlsincofsantafe.org, make a donation at the front desk of UF, or grab an envelope and send something in.


THANK YOU!!!…..for that awesome work-out yesterday AND for supporting me and my work at Girls Inc. mucho amor. <3

Comment by Alexis B — May 11, 2011 @ 5:50 pm

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