Wednesday’s WOD:


Shoulder mobility


30 chest to bar pullups
10 ring dips
20 c2b pullups
20 ring dips
10 c2b pullups
30 ring dips

Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

Who the heck do I look like now?

May 31, 2011

Didn’t post over the weekend…sorry! Lots of activity happening and the weekend slipped by. I did choose a hike instead of Murph on Memorial Day.   Loads of fun by the way, as the hike ended with pine cone fights as we headed back down the trail.  Kegan also pointed out that around this time last year…I could barely get out of the car for a hike without getting out of breath.

Anyhoo…I had an interesting conversation with two Crossfitters…not so recently but I wanted to share and get some thoughts from the wider community.

But first~a disclaimer:

I have noticed that when I post about subjects like I am about to…I often get the following comment:

“Well Mona, you know, your health is all that should matter..not what you look like.”

While I agree…intellectually…but my tiny brain does not always go there. I grew up unhealthy, in oh so many ways. My worth was based on surface stuff…blah blah blah, like so many other people. So let me say to those of you who base everything on health..Yeah!  That’s great….but it is not always me…please don’t judge.  :)

So~ I have had this basic conversation with both a male and a female athlete.

“Who do you want to look like now that you have been losing weight and getting fit?”

Then we start talking about the different coaches at the gym…examining body types and the potential for our bodies to even remotely resemble someone else.

“Oh man I wish I had Crow’s legs  or Heather’s belly or Nate’s shoulders.” It really is embarrassing to admit that I can reduce people to body parts…but I have…and so have the people I have spoken with about this “body wishing” thing!

I am still playing that game with myself that I …as I am ….am not enough.  Then in the middle of the last conversation like this that I was having…I looked at the person I was picking bodies apart with and I said, ” You know, I think I am ready to look like the best me that I have ever looked like.”

He agreed…we both need to do that. 

I know it sounds so basic for most people, but it is not for me.  It is a new thing for me to reside safely in my own body.  

I don’t even know what this new me, this *best* me even looks like…but I am beginning to feel her move…confidently in this …sorry in MY body for the first time. As I learned early on in this journey…it is about what you can *DO* not what you look like.  I am still learning…still walking toward understanding that for myself…for my body.

I caught myself calling myself the “Fat Girl” this weekend… so I have a long journey ahead huh? Pierre even asked me…”When are you gonna stop calling yourself that?” I wonder if I will ever stop placing labels on my body and just enjoy….just experience…just move.


Anyone else wanna share who you’ve imagine looking like?  ’cause even having said all of this…I still look at other bodies…longingly.  For example….

Ah P!nk…I can still dream?





Paleo Pizza (flat bread) Recipe

Paleo Pizza Recipe(a la Jackie Wagner):


1 egg beaten

1 cup of almond meal

1 Tbsp grapeseed oil or evoo

mix & bake @ 375 for 12-15 minutes


8 oz tomato paste

4 oz (half tomato paste can) of H20

add spices(oregano, basil, garlic powder, etc…)

top w/ your favorite toppings & bake for 3-4 minutes or broil 1-2 minutes

***try it with pesto, grilled chicken and artichokes

The Morning After Pill

You just did Murph, and in the morning you are gonna need a little something…we got just the thing!

Wendler- WAVE IV of the Dead Lift Series

bring your numbers and your calculators

(deload) – 60%x5, 65%x5, 70%x5

8 min amrap:
12 Jumping lunges with weight overhead 25/10
12 renegade rows 20k/12k

Memorial Day Murph!

OUR Class schedule on Memorial Day is as follows:

8am, noon, 4pm

In honor of our veterans, we come together to do the ultimate hero workout, “Murph”, written in memory of Navy Seal Michael Murphy. Murph gave his life among many others in a battle in which the United States suffered the single largest loss of Special Forces soldiers in its history.

This is your workout:

1 mile run
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1 mile run

This is quite possibly one of the hardest workouts that we do! Like many of our workouts, there is a real potential for injury, and being responsible for your choices and level of fitness are very important when deciding how you are going to do it. Doing “Murph” is like skiing a double black diamond – do not take it lightly! This workout is right for every one of you, given the appropriate scaling. We want to have as many of you here as possible on Monday, so here are some guidelines for making this workout work for you:

  • There will be a 35 minute cut-off for the bodyweight part of this workout. From the moment you finish your 1st mile, you have 35 minutes to get as much of the workout done as you can before leaving for your 2nd run.

  • You may, and are highly encouraged, to partition the movements in any way that is appropriate for you. Some ideas are:

o Perform rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats or 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 squats. Complete as many rounds as the 35 minutes allows.

o Reduce the length of the run to ½ a mile.

o Cutting the entire workout in half – ½ mile run, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 150 squats, ½ mile run. Partition as necessary.

We can help you make some decisions, but we cannot tell you what to do. We do not know what you feel like – we have to trust that you know best what your experience is. When you are deciding what to do make sure you consider not only how much you have trained in the last month, but how many pull-ups you have done in the last month. When in doubt, scale down! Remember we are here to honor the men and women who serve and just your participation is plenty.

Thanks and let’s have a great workout on Monday!”

borrowed from our friends at CFLA

Saturday Partner WOD

Partner Workout

Both Partners Run 400 Meters together

100 Wall Balls  20M/14W (1 partner at a time)

200 Ab Mat Sit Ups (1 partner at a time)

100 Box Jumps 24M/20W (1 partner at a time)

Both Partners Run 400 Meters together

This was a fun one! We had two guests from Colorado Springs and they rocked this workout to it’s very core. Jackie and Brian Wagner came down to Santa Fe for Memorial Day Weekend and to celebrate their anniversary. They were adorable.

Jackie also shared her recipe for Paleo pizza that I will post in a couple of days!


Cookies are good!

The cookie today was a 15 minute AMRAP:

8 Figure 8’s to hold(24/16)

12 Abmat Situps

18 Double Unders

Cookies are meant to get our heart rates up and get us breathing heavy. They are metabolic conditioning work outs.

Drew Baye’s High Intensity Training

What does metabolic conditioning mean? Is it necessary? Does high intensity training provide it?

When most people think of training to improve endurance, they think of conditioning the cardiovascular system to improve transport of blood to the working muscles. Metabolic conditioning is the other side of the coin – conditioning the muscles to better use what’s being delivered to them by improving the efficiency of the different metabolic pathways.

When strength training is performed with a high level of intensity and short rest intervals between exercises, the cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning benefits equal or exceed what can be achieved with more traditional “cardio” activities. This was proven during Nautilus research at West Point Military Academy back in the mid 1970′s. In an article about the study in the Athletic Journal, Vol. 56, Sept. 1975, Dr. James Patterson said the following,

“Contrary to most commonly held beliefs on the subject of strength training, the training also significantly improved the cardiovascular condition of the subjects. By maintaining the intensity of the workouts at a high level and by limiting the amount of rest between exercises, the training resulted in improvement on each of 60 separate measures of cardiovascular fitness. Contrary to widespread opinion, not only will a properly conducted program of strength training produce increases in muscular strength but will also significantly improve an individual’s level of cardiovascular condition. The data suggests that some of these cardiovascular benefits apparently cannot be achieved by any other type of training.”


First, an announcement about Memorial Day-

After which, you get to wear white shoes(for Crow)!

There will be 3 Crossfit classes available on Memorial Day, May 30th!

8AM, NOON, and 4PM.

WE ARE DOING MURPH, SO GET EXCITED AND REST UP! It is difficult to run Murph when we have back to back classes, so take advantage of this opportunity and eat your spinach!

But first, Friday
One rep max backsquat…3,2,1,1,1,112 min amrap
3power cleans 135/95
6 pushups
9 squats

11.2 and Manana

A repeat for some, and new to most, todays 11.2 CrossFit Games Open WOD worked a little oly lift some gymnastics and rolled up into a fierce met-con. Don’t know what I am talking about? That’s okay. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog about the seemingly strange vernacular of CrossFit, a cult has to have it’s own language right?…..Tomorrow’s gold at the end of the rainbow: WILMOT 6 rounds for time 50 air squats, 25 ring dips


And the winner is…

Tuesday, May 24

Okay! The results are in for the winners of the 330 Challenge!!! We are so proud of everyone that competed! No matter what the results, competing fosters growth!

There were two catagories: Fastest and most improved. There is also a consideration of how much weight was used.

Mark Martinez had the fastest time in the men’s division.  Mark used 115 Lbs and had a preliminary time of 9min 17 secs and a finals time of 8:43.

Britt Alexander won the most improved in the men’s division. Britt used 65 Lbs and had a preliminary time of 7min 22secs and a finishing time of 5min 34secs.

Mona Malec won 2 awards!!! She got the fastest time, using 65 lbs, of 5min 18secs. Her time in the prelims was 7min 33secs. That is a 2 minute and 15 second improvement!!! Holy smokes- that’s major!

Kim Martinez also won 2 awards! Kim won the 2nd fastest women’s time, using 65 lbs and coming in at 6:51! She also won 2nd most improved dropping  2 min 11 secs off her original time of  9min 02secs. Great work Kim! Your hard work is paying off!!!!

Camille Romero had the 3rd fastest time of the women, using 45lbs and finishing in 5 min 47secs, taking 29 seconds of of her original time! Go Camille- we really saw improvement in your form and in your speed!!!

Melinda Gonzales (our 3rd place for most improved) showed marked improvement in her time knocking a 1minute 30seconds off of her prelim time. Using a 35lb bar, Melinda finished the challenge with a speedy time of 4min 27secs! Great work Melinda!!!

I have to say from a coaches perspective, this challenge was a huge success. We learned a lot and it is amazing to see our athletes train for something, compete and improve! The comradery and support was palpable and I am so proud to be  part of this gym and to know each and every one of you!!! Thank you! Thank you!!! And CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

How many of you can we count on to participate in the next in school challenge?

Mobility WOD