Whatta WOD!

Today’s Chipper was a knockdown drag em out kinda wod!

150 air squats, 100 pull ups, 80 kb swings 32/20, 60 MBC 20/14, 40 GHD sit ups, 30 ring dips, 20 T2B, 10 burpees

So how’s that for everything and the kitchen sink!? Nice way to cap off the week I’d say….but really I want to bring up footwear once again. Not only have we done a lot of running this week but we have also done a lot of lifting, two of things that bring up proper footwear the most. But what about just everyday footwear? How does that affect our bodies as athletes. Well the video blog from Kelly Starrett “athletes don’t wear flip flops ” really needs your attention. http://www.mobilitywod.com/2011/04/episode-219365-athletes-dont-wear-flip-flops.html I am definitely throwing out all of my flip flops, which always repulsed me anyway, after watching his video…maybe you will too. But all I know is I am glad he didn’t do the video about high heels…those are one form of footwear this athlete refuses to give up! ( at least for now….)

Have good weekend everybody! And be sure to see Rod Harrison’s play at El Museo Cultural this weekend at 8pm!

NO FLIP FLOPS?!?!?!?! What the f$%# am I supposed to do? It’ll be harder to give up flip flops than it was to remove gluten from my diet.

Comment by Alexis — April 18, 2011 @ 5:20 am

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