The 330 Challenge

Today, we ran the preliminaries for the 330 Challenge. This is a school challenge that 16 people are participating in to see what competition does to their game and also to see how much their speed, endurance and form improve in six weeks time.

Sprint 300 feet

30 Floor to Chest

300 foot Sprint

30 Chest to Overhead

300 foot Sprint

Honestly, it was supposed to be a 300 meter run but we lost some length in the measurements and so now it is a 300 foot sprint! We had a great turn out and then a bunch of athletes that showed up to simply to take the Saturday class joined in at the last minute(which thrilled me).  We also had 3 drop ins come join the class that were here for a wedding. They were great!

The challenge went extremely well minus some blustery weather. I think that everyone that participated had a certain kind of fun while getting got a good sense of where they are at and where they could improve.

We also kicked off the Jiu Jitsu Paleo Challenge. This consisted of before pictures, a brief talk about the Paleo diet(the philosophy and the requirements)and three physical tests(a timed 400 meter run, As many burpees as possible in one minute, and as many squats as possible in one minute) which will be tested again in 2 months at the end of the Paleo Challenge along with after pictures.

As our Jiu Jitsu competitors know already, the deeper we throw ourselves into the fire to test our mettle, the stronger we come out of it. Jiu Jitsu athletes know that competition makes them get better at a highly accelerated rate. We have been using this to help ignite faster growth in our CrossFit athletes.  Our CrossFit athletes have felt a dramatic increase in their workloads by adhering to The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf. We have challenged our jits athletes to see what type of growth they can achieve by correctly feeding their bodies…let the experiment begin!!

Mobility WOD