And the “H’s” have it!


HSPU (hand stand push ups) and Hang Power Clean (135/95)

Difficulties here? Being upside down for some. Major shoulder fatigue and if you don’t have the mechanics down your wrists were bound to ache… So at what points would wrists hurt? Well not having your elbows up and out enough on the hang power cleans will not allow the weight to roll back and onto your shoulders, resulting in the weight bearing down on wrists…no bueno! Then in the handstand push ups….if you were lucky enough to attend our handstand workshop a while back you would have learned the benefits of dispersing your weight in your fingers rather than completely in your palms, again this weight dispersal not only gains one balance but less taxed wrists.

When I first began practicing cleans, less than a year ago, I left the gym mad. I could not for the life of me get it down. I was over thinking everything, completely uncoordinated, and frustrated. I went to a friends house right after that class and cleaned latillas for 20 minutes waiting for her to show up. Then just last month I set a new clean PR 125# ! So what changed? Well bedsides practice practice practice? Nothing, that’s it! That’s the trick, you just gotta practice! How awesome is that?! If we just practice, maybe watch videos, (hint: there is a link on this very page you are reading to exercise demos…look to the right), and listen to our coaches we can make great traceable progress.

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