March 14, 2011

Today’s workout:

SKILL: The Overhead Squat & The Squat Clean


3rounds for time

12 Overhead Suats

12 Push Presses

12 Squat Cleans

50 Situps

Today was one of those days, (every day is to some degree) where i was just  beaming with pride over and felt elevated by all the little battles that you guys take on and conquer and in all the different ways that that occurs. I feel as if every athlete that came through Crossfit classes today(judging from how packed the Jiu jitsu classes were I am guessing that it was happening over there as well) had some sort of little(or big) breakthrough. I am constantly impressed by you guys, in the way that you grow and change and adapt and defeat and soar. From the more subtle things like  a change in attitude, asking a little more of oneself , feeling more able, staying focused on the moment, to the more obvious like getting stronger, faster ,more powerful and/or more graceful. I am truly proud to know each and every one of you guys and my life is enriched by the time that we spend together. I feel that each one of us benefits from the progress and success of every other person at the gym. That is powerful! Excellence is contagious!!!!! Thank you for being a part of that!

We would like to wish Gary a very happy birthday. He is a joy to have in class and he is great example of how getting older can mean getting better!!!!

Mobility WOD