March 1, 2011

Workout of the Day!

20 push ups

30 wall balls

40 double unders

x3 for time

This was an excellent little workout. A heavy breather for sure, but with some good strength, speed, accuracy and coordination thrown in there too.

Our dear friend Lorenzo was a committed Crossfitter, until he had to go away for a couple of years. We have been sending him WOD’s and benchmark workouts and a couple of Strength Training books (Starting Strength (2nd edition) by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore (Oct 21, 2007). Lorenzo has been doing the WOD’s and piquing a lot of interest from other fitness savvy inmates. I am always so moved and inspired by how Crossfit can be such a brilliant analogy for life. Here is another amazing example of that(in the form of a letter he wrote me recently):

“Today, I did 10Rounds For Time: 7 Pullups, 7Dips, 7 Burpees and 200M run. Did it last on 11/10/10 36:55  today did it it 29:00 :)  SO STOKED!  Well with more viewing eyes of the other inmates..they’ve all noticed more and more of my style of workouts… getting a lot of buzz and interests!:):)  So I’m going to start writing down the inspirational moments and realizations of what power a person can have with ones self by seeing their achievements through any struggle.. even the simple idea of one month not being able to complete something like push ups.. then the next month killing it cuz of belief in ones self and the hard work in between… and trying to get them and me to realize the same differences in life can be handled just like the struggles of a workout.. lifes struggle can be achieved with belief, hard work and determination! :)Corny?!?!?  Let me know what you think.. i can send them to you.. for post on the gyms web site for  other people to be inspired.. Lots of love Heather! Miss you and the gym!!!!”

Lorenzo reminds us of how powerful something like Crossfit can be. In the darkest of circumstances, he finds light and hope in Crossfit. He is invested and focused and he is knocking minutes off of his times and adding a considerable amount of weight from week to week. I will post a couple of his results in a blog in the near future. It is a great reminder for me how positive one can stay when you have something to believe in. We love you Lorenzo and we can not wait until you are back to school our asses with your Crossfit  abilities!

We find so often that by doing Crossfit and coming face to face with our own perceived parameters and then surpassing them over and over again, we build mental strength and perseverance as well as physical strength. We find that not only do we gain a certain kind of confidence, we also begin to believe that we are capable of more than we thought. We take chances and believe that it will work out. We overcome previous self induced limitations and begin to ask more of ourselves and the world around us. We raise the bar!

How has the quality of your life changed outside of the gym because of what you accomplish inside of the gym?

He’s truly one of the biggest blessings in my life. Isn’t it funny how commonplace that is around here? I mean, how great is it that each day we get to see, share and feel breakthroughs of ourselves and others? We suddenly realize we are a community o the most special people wee ever met?
To watch friends become more honest with themselves, thus becoming stronger and more functional all around.
To see truly to the core of our souls that I’m not in competition with you; nor that is it about “time” in a conventional way. It’s about bettering me. Polishing ME! and that by you getting better I get better. It truly behooves me to help you achieve your best, so that I may reach loftier height.
It resonates in my very soul that “when everyone does better, everyone does better”.
I learned this in Jiu Jitsu, and it holds true for Crossfit. It exists anywhere people are forced to put their egos aside and show their teeth, in an effort for community growth.
I’ve rattled on long enough, but need to say out loud of my love and admiration of the very special humans that comprise UNDISPUTED. Not many can put their egos aside. Kudos to all of us courageous fuckers…and let’s maybe utter Lorenzos name tomorrow as the sweat drips and remember how blessed we are!!!!

Comment by Tait Fletcher — March 3, 2011 @ 6:15 am

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