7 March 2011

Power Cleans, and Dead Lifts, and Box Jumps….oh my!

For our skill we worked on power cleans and then attempted 2 a minute on the minute for 10 minutes

WOD 8 Deadlifts 275/185 8 Box Jumps 24″                 8min AMRAP

The Paleo-Diet….the caveperson way of eating…what is it all about? Well many of you athletes that have been around a while now know about or are eating in the paleo way. But so many of you new-comers are maybe in the shadows still when it come to this aspect of CrossFit. Now in the intro it is talked about that nutrition places a key role, the base or cornerstone, if you will, of health and fitness. But what does that mean? Oatmeal is healthy right? Whole grain bread and brown rice is good…isn’t it?

There are many ways to eat, to workout, to live, etc. And I am not going to tell you there is ONE right way. But I know has and hasn’t worked for me. I think it is important to try different things and see what works for you, the individual. Where do you see results? CrossFit is all about results. It is about actual measurable proof. Maybe you haven’t started keeping a journal yet, so you haven’t begun to record your progress or to see on paper the changes you are making by leaps and bounds, but you feel better, stronger, less easily tired…that is a result! Well for me and countless others eating a paleo-diet has given real results. Measurable proof. I urge you and yours to try it out for 30 days, don’t wait for an all school challenge, do it now! Grab the book “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf or “The Pale Diet” by Dr. Loren Cordain and start the most basic and effective way to get the most out of all your hard work at CrossFit and your life!

If you are stubborn and want the Cliff Notes for Dummy’s….eat lean meats, fresh veggies, fruits and seeds and nuts! Stay away from dairy, legumes, grains, sugar and salt. (yes peanut butter is a no no and so are potatoes) An then, Wham! Bam! thank you mam, you got paleo!

Also talk to your fellow athletes (whom actually eat paleo) and coaches about any questions or for recipes and or support.

anyone want recipes holla! got loads of quick n easy paleo tricks up me sleeves…
Made another one-pot wonder for dinner this evening, fruit salad for dessert (in honor of grandma, who was visiting)

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