28 March 2011

21 Kettlebell Swings 15 Wall Balls 9 Ring Dips 5 rounds for time

Hey party people, the first official CrossFit Santa Fe Competition is just around the corner! What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Competition is healthy good and FUN! It will change how you approach your everyday WOD, it will change how you eat sleep and feel. It is the next step in overall fitness. Let me explain. Yes we are all here just “for ourselves” I know I know. We are only just competing “against ourselves”, yup I get that too. But something changes when we put your abilities on the line. When we say I am going to try my best at this and then work hard to do better at the same thing in “x” amount of time. It is more nerve wracking to compete, it takes courage to be a spectacle of sorts. When we talk about overall fitness, what does that mean? Yes it means having wicked metabolic conditioning, yes we can move heavy weights around, including our own body weight. But it also means we have mental stamina, we have heart and drive. We have learned to control or mind or let it go. We know when to use strategy and when to go balls to wall. Overall fitness is a lifetime of work and this is just another piece of the puzzle.

I am encouraging each and everyone of you to sign up this week to compete against yourself and fellow athletes!

Mobility WOD