21 March 2011

Happy Spring, longer warmer days, hooray!  To celebrate the start of spring we bring you….           Cindy’s Got Balls

20min AMRAP: 5 pull ups, 10 squats, 15 wall balls

And also in celebration we bring you a piece from one of our most dedicated athletes, Mona Malec. There aren’t enough positive adjectives to accurately describe Mona. A few that immediately come to mind are thoughtful, caring, compassionate, fierce, honest, strong, driven, beautiful, a force to be reckoned with, and all around badass. Mona makes CrossFit Santa Fe a better place. So now in her words…..

So…I have plateaued a bit with the weight loss thing…mainly I have used the excuse of the show to well…drink a little (or a lot) more than I should and consume a bit more chocolate than I know I really want to eat.  I have begun to worry about my habit of self sabotoge… I have been wary to clean out my closets as well…figuring, I suppose that I can never “keep this up” ~ when the truth is …this doesn’t really take work to maintain…I like eating the way I eat…I LOVE my community at Undisputed…they make it easy to want to work out.

Old habits and ways of thinking claw onto my skin like a scared kitten.

So I go for breakfast today..Tune Up Cafe.  The woman who owns the place comes to clean my plates off the table and noticed I didn’t eat my my bread and that I also had order “no Dairy” She said…are you one of “them”?


” you know from the gym? You doing that diet?”

I said, “well it is not really a diet but yes..the working out came first for me though.”

“I have seen you transform your body”

wow…I guess it is real…someone who I don’t really know except for the fact I come in and out of her place of business can make a statement like that. I was  moved. Moved to not give up…to keep the ugly voice in my head at bay…

She then said she was thinking of checking it out…but she hates gyms. I told her..”I do too.. Undisputed is not a gym. Its a community.”

Mobility WOD