16 March 2011


strength training day

Dead Lift, 1 heavy, 10 lighter, 1 heavy, 20 lighter, 1 heavy, 30 lighter

The idea is to lift something close to your one rep max, then a set of 10, unbroken but still tough. Repeat 1 heavy with slightly less weight perhaps, then strip the bar and do 20…you get the idea

So athletes today the first workout of the CrossFit Open, has been posted. I did it initially just to do it…30 double unders 15 power snatches 75/55…and then today I was inspired to write about competition and the healthy benefits of it. So I start cruising thru cyberland and I find an article in the CF Journal about just such a thing, and by the time I am finished with it I have made up my mind to register for the Open. Crazy! But awesome. So now I will share some of that article with you in hopes that you to will be inspired to compete and if not in the Open, then in our box’s upcoming challenge. So here it goes….

Bring your Game, by Kevin Daigle

Competition is the fire in which character is forged. It’s also the crucible where weakness is overcome, enemies are defeated and victory is won with a resounding “how ya like me now?”

As it pertains to CrossFit, competition is also the ultimate expression of our community, and it’s at the heart of CrossFit and its continued growth. Since very early in my CrossFit career, it’s been my view that everyone should participate on some level in competition. In a way we do, as the competitive aspects of our beloved group-training model are in large part responsible for the movement we’ve created.

Why Compete?
Why not? Be aggressive: take your newfound capacity and ability to task. Test it out. I’m not saying that each and every one of you should be training to win the CrossFit Games. However, “forging” elite fitness and not testing its mettle on the field of sport is like building a 1,000-horsepower race car and never taking it out of the driveway. Or it’s like making Megan Fox fall madly in love with you and then taking a vow of chastity.

There’s also host of other reasons—some universal and some individual—why you should foist yourself upon a CrossFit event. It gives a laser focus to your training and in my opinion makes it more fun.

You’ll also meet awesome people, and sometimes this alone is worth the struggle. Through this competitive environment, you’ll experience a strengthening of the bond we all share as CrossFitters. You’ll discover these bonds are deeper than you imagined.
In competition, you’ll find yourself standing miles beyond where you believed your limits to be. You will become a better CrossFitter.

All of us should compete in CrossFit, whether in an in-house team challenge at your box or the CrossFit Games. It’s crazy to love something so intensely and not experience it fully. Self-denial never won any awards. And there are no downsides to competition. You will only gain from throwing your hat in the ring. You’ll grow as a person and as a CrossFitter. It’s the big payoff. This is where everyone gets what he or she is after. Yes, competition is the “third date” of training.

So if you want to compete, to test yourself, let a coach know and we will help you, program, train, validate workouts, whatever you need! 3..2..1…GO!

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