February 19, 2011

Handstand workshop with Kate Russell

This Saturday, we held a super fun and extremely informative freestanding handstand workshop with Wise Fool’s(www.wisefoolnewmexico.org/) Kate Russell. Kate is an amazingly talented acrobat who came and shared her knowledge of handstands and spotting handstands with us.

“Strength, Alignment, Breath and Focus-Take your handstand away from the wall and into your hands. This workshop will focus on strengthening essential muscle groups, proper alignment, and finding your own balance in a handstand. Freestanding handstands are a great way to check in with your body, breath, balance and presence on a daily basis as well as being a vital gymnastic skill in Crossfit.The workshop will start with safe ways to spot each other and then each participant will work at their own level and speed. ” from the flier we posted for the workshop.

After a great warm up, where we checked in with our own bodies alignment, opened our hips, and warmed up our hands. Kate talked about Breath, Alignment, Posture, and stretching and lengthening, being the integral to the foundation of a good handstand.  We learned how to spot one another safely to help each other make the proper corrections in our handstands. These corrections are active hands, pushing through the arms, elongating the lower back(pelvic tilt), and tightening the ass so much that your toes point. These corrections can be directly correlated to what is necessary to properly and safely go overhead with weight and can definitely be applied to Crossfit in this way.

After practicing our handstands and learning where they are strong and where they could use some work, we went through some exercise to strengthen those micro muscles that help perfect and strengthen our handstands. We finished up with presses through pikes and tucks. These were advanced movements and gave some of us a goal to strive for.

The handstand workshop was a great success and tons of fun. I, for one, felt like a kid again, overwhelmingly excited and exuberant. I believe everyone left with new knowledge and ideas of what they can work on to improve their handstand. Thank you so much Kate!!!!!!!

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