February 15, 2011

Workout of the Day:
Skill medball clean
Skill deadlift
WOD 5 rounds
10 deads@185/95
10 L-pullups
10 medball cleans
10 pushups(release at bottom)
10 abmat Situps

Today was the first day of the new Fundemental Movements class.

These classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30. This is a great way for athletes who are new to Crossfit to learn the fundamental movements from squats to Olympic Lifts. It will also be useful to those who want to concentrate on form in it’s most basic applications.

The following is the syllabus:

2/15- Air Squats

2/17- Front Squat

2/22- Overhead Squat and Shoulder Pree

2/24-Shoulder Press

3/1- Push Press

3/3- Push Jerk

3/8- Dead Lift

3/10- Sumo Dead Lift High Pull

3/15- Medicine Ball Clean

3/17- Clean

3/22- GHD Machine- situps and back extentions

3/29- Air Squats…the syllabus repeats itself from here

We hope to see you in the movement classes…

Mobility WOD