9 Febrero 2011

this WOD had no official name, but my vote is that is be called HARD-CORE….

Bar Hang, 21 Toes to Bar, 15 Seated Presses 16/10kg, Renegade Rows 16/10 3 Rounds for time and each round the Bar Hang would increase by 30 seconds

This workout of the day really spoke to the importance and necessity of mid-line or core stabilization. The core consists of major five muscles groups, the tranversus abdominus, the internal and external obliques, the quadratus lumborum and the diaphragm.quadratus lumborum connecting to the Thoracic and Lumbar junctionOkay so now we have a little more knowledge than before about where all these muscles are and we can see how they work together. Whenever we move the first thing that tenses up is our core, consciously or not,that is how it works. But under increased  load we need to be conscious of this tightening. As the key muscles in our mid-line region contract around our organs or viscera (which is an awesome word) they form a stable belt like core, hence the word. Not only does this provide support and safety to our spine and pelvis, it is necessary for transfer of POWER and FORCE. With out  strong mid-line stability we are at risk of injuring our back, having poor posture and become lethargic.

Because the diaphragm is majorly involved in core strength/stability and it is the main muscle of breathing it is extra important to BREATHE when developing and accessing our core. How many of you found yourselves holding your breath trying to keep the hollow position during some of the movements? How many people, once you remembered to breathe, found renewed strength or even a reserve of power that had been just outside reach? All of the things we are learning here together at CFSF are so interconnected like our community. It isn’t just inside the gym that we need to breathe, or just during a workout it is before during after, always. It isn’t just during a workout that we need to support one another, it is all the time, in and out of the gym. I see that happening everyday. We are developing our core strength as individuals and as a tribe, keep it up y’all!

Mobility WOD