31 January 2011

1 mile run, 80 KB swings 32/20kg, 1 mile run

the kicker is that every time the kettlebell goes down, you owe 8 burpees

Last workout of the day for January and as usual you, the athletes of CrossFit Santa Fe, met it head on with fierceness and a smile. So this blog is a shout out to all of you, the members of CFSF, the new and the old. Each day I get to go to work and do something I love. I come to the gym and teach something I not only believe in but have a passion for. I get to do this with all of you! Each day I am moved by your willingness to try a new movement, a heavier load, to go upside down, to fall on your ass in front of a group of people and then get back up and try it again. I watch each and everyone push yourselves and each other to the edges. You walk that thin line between the comfortable known and the uncomfortable unknown. This is rare! most people do not get up and say today I am going to push myself as hard as I can, I am going to drive myself to a place where difficult things are going to be asked of me and I am expected to do them in the best way I know how. My results are going to be published for everyone around to see. I might cry, I might puke but I am going to go anyway. This is not “normal” behavior. It is beautiful behavior and  I am awed by all of you. I am forever grateful to learn from you humility and discipline. I want to continue to encourage you to keep showing up, keep trying your hardest, keep listening to your bodies and ignoring your minds, keep caring about one another and this beautiful thing that we are all creating together, CrossFit Santa Fe.

Crow B Rising

This post is the perfect example of why I am SO GLAD I joined up. Actually sorry I missed todays ass-kick of a class. But, I did get in some running of my own (not 2 miles, but still…something).

Comment by Alexis B — February 1, 2011 @ 2:29 am

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