2 February 2011

McGhee, 5 DL 275#, 13 push ups, 9 box jumps

30 minute AMRAP

Big Work out today, of course,  it was a hero workout. Heavy olympic lifting and body weight movements that were taxing. A lot was asked of us today. And can I say, a lot was given. I had the privilege of watching three of the five classes (kudos to the large noon turn out) and EVERY single person in each and every class, gave it their all.

There was a real emphasis on standards in today’s workout. we asked each and every one of you to hold your self to a standard. This standard would be your own. This standard was and is incomparable to another persons’ standard, it was difficult, challenging, but it was attainable. Whether it was in load,  in depth or in openness each and everyone of you met the challenge. i t is important that we ask a lot of ourselves, that we do not compare ourselves to another. Each and every one of us excel and fail in a different area, the important thing is that we strive to get BETTER STRONGER FASTER HEALTHIER.

Loved this workout and was surprised when it was the push-ups that were killing me. I felt like I could do box jumps forever!

Comment by Juli Curtis — February 5, 2011 @ 1:07 am

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