14/16 February 2011

Back Squat 3-3-3

WOD 3 rounds for time 20 air squats, 20 wall balls 20/14, 20 kb swings 32/20Have a look at Aries’ face….he is laughing during this workout, it looks like we have another Mona on our hands….love it!

congratulations to Connor Anderson who achieved a new PR for herself this day with a      125# back squat! That and she came in to do the workout twice, first at noon and then later in the evening…and beat her first WOD time….go COnnor!16 Feb: 2 squat cleans one the top of the minute for 8 minutes followed by an 8 min AMRAP, 10 double under 10 front squat

We spent a good deal of time today working on a critical movement, the clean. Hang Clean Power Clean Hang Power Clean Squat Clean…what’s with all these cleans? After today’s workout can you tell the difference? Could you feel a difference in your ability to move as the class went on?  Was cleaning weight easier than cleaning a PVC? How important was it to think out each step of the movement vs. taking your brain out of it?

Mobility WOD