January 6, 2010


SKILL=FIGURE 8 to HOLD with a Kettlebell

WOD=  30 FIGURE 8 to HOLD with a KETTLEBELL(20kg/16kg)




Today we learned a new movement with a Kettlebell. The figure 8 to hold is a great oblique exercise and it also challenges our coordination and accuracy. It strongly accesses the mind body connection and once that is awakened, there is a beautiful fluidity to this movement. Check out this demo:

Anthony Delulio demos the Figure 8 to hold

The Push ups with a clap at the top challenge or range of motion and force us to push off of the floor explosively. We find that it is also necessary to tighten our core, in order to keep the integrity of our straight spine. Our shoulders begin to fatigue and we must access hidden power to get our hands of the ground at the top of the push up. Clapping pushups  will definitely test your strength, power, speed, balance and coordination. It just goes to prove that a small change can take a simple movement from run-of-the-mill to hard as hell.

Finally the Kettlebell Snatch. A dynamic one armed version of the Olympic lift the snatch with a barbell.  Here is a testimonial from a great website called “Enzine Articles” written by Brandon Richey “

“The kettlebell is a device that is superior to the rest in terms of overall strength, human performance, and lean muscle development…For the purpose of this article I will be addressing the overall benefits of the single-arm overhead snatch with the bell.

First of all, when participating in a high intensity snatch it is a tremendous lift that can be utilized for explosive vertical power. Generating enough force to execute this overhead lift with a heavy bell not only adds tremendous shoulder stability, but incorporates many muscles of the core and hips to generate amazing vertical force. This is beneficial because it stimulates the nervous system to allow muscles to contract more forcefully. This immediately builds total-body power and resiliency! It hardens and toughens the body to withstand outside forces such as being able to take a hit and reducing the risk of injury.

Secondly, if you think that the double and single-arm swings are intense wait until you attempt this monster lift. Again you can engage in heavier bells to develop total power or a slightly lighter bell to build amazing conditioning. You see here the benefit of shoulder stability is still huge, but even by executing this lift with a lighter bell you will still generate cardiovascular conditioning that is unlike anything that you have ever experienced. The overall benefit is a win-win situation whether you are a regular Joe or a super athlete!

If you ask me, anyone that includes the kettlebell into their strength program isn’t such an “average Joe!” Execute the overhead snatch frequently and flawlessly! Instantly engage in HARD BODY CONSTRUCTION!”

yhJeff Martone demos the Kettlebell Snatch

This workout was a killer, I personally could not lift my arms past waist level for about an hour and a half after the workout.

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