January 4, 2010

Workout Of the Day:

Skill: Cartwheel

Strength: Deadlift 5-5-5

WOD: 10 pullups

10 air squats

10 abmat situps

x7 rounds for time

Many of you may ask “why cartwheels, pray tell?” Well, here is this excerpt from the Crossfit Journal(Issue 40, December 2005) to prove that this is not just some cruel joke by your sadistic coaches.”The cartwheel is a foundational movement critical for gymnastics development. For non-gymnasts as well, practicing cartwheels develops kinesthetic awareness and flexibility, as well as strength and stability in hand support. Learning a cartwheel can be difficult for some, but the progressions below can be used by anyone, including the young and the not so young, to work toward a cartwheel.” That being said, we are constantly trying to find new and fun ways to touch on the ten modalities of fitness. The cartwheel addresses balance, coordination,strength and flexibility. Some of us will remember doing cartwheels until dizzy as kids. Others never did cartwheels because they were told they were “too girly” (a quote by one of our male athletes). None the less, we are always attempting to strengthen our weaknesses and I believe that everyone can benefit from working on our cartwheels.

Today we worked on the “side cartwheel.” The journal breaks it down for us in language as follows,           “Side Cartwheel
Start this drill by standing in a straddle with your hips and shoulders in line with your intended travel direction. Lift both arms above your head. Turn your hands inward so that if you were to bring them together your thumbs and index fingers would form a diamond. Your feet should be turned out slightly. Execute a cartwheel by first bending your lead leg. Then, while reaching for the floor, kick your trailing leg as your lead leg leaves the ground. Do not swing, circle or otherwise flail your trailing arm; simply reach into the cartwheel. All of the power of the initiation comes from your legs. As the cartwheel completes, do not lift your hands off the floor; instead, push the floor away from your hands.
This is an important distinction for the development of a powerful and functional cartwheel.
Once your side cartwheel is consistent you can perform a series of side cartwheels across the floor. Bend your knees and pass through a wide stance partial squat in between each cartwheel to maximize turnover and speed. As you develop competence, you will be able to accelerate across the floor.

Today’s workout was well rounded between gymnastics and strength. The strength was a deadlift. Our athletes looked strong and were vigilant about their form. It is great to witness the progress of our athletes, when they balance form and brute strength.

Darlene had great form and broke her PR today! GO DARLENE!!!!!!

Mobility WOD