January 22,2011

Saturday Partner Workout!!!

With a partner, accumulate as many points as possible in 20 minutes.

Squats – 1 point

Push Ups – 2 points

Burpees – 3 points

You may only alternate with your partner at each 1 minute point.

In this workout, we partnered up to see how many points we could accumulate as a team. One partner works for one minute while the other partner rests. The movements point value correspond well to their difficulty level, however, we may find that when we get tired we may be able to do 36 squats in a minute or 12 burpees in a minute which add up to the same value. We learn the value of being accountable to our team mate, learning how hard we are willing to push ourselves when some one else is relying on us. We also learn how encouraging words can help push us through when the voice in our heads is telling us that we can not do anymore. Partner and team workouts have a different dynamic than our usual Crossfit workouts. They teach us about ourselves and our fellow Crossfitters. They also help us to have less of an “I am an island” mentality. I loved coaching this workout, even though keeping up with the math was challenging.

I would also like to welcome 4 new athletes to our tribe- Patrick, Gary, Abby and Alexis!!!!! Everyone did great today!

Partner work outs are so fun. It was nice to have a little competition. But, really, the best part was having a more experienced athlete there to encourage me, help me push myself to give more, and to help with form. And I don’t say that because we came in with the lower score. :)

Comment by Alexis B — January 24, 2011 @ 9:03 pm

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