5 January 2011

To Strategize or Not to Strategize…is that the question?

1oo Thrusters with 5 burpees on the top of every minute and starting with the first minute.

This workout was a real mixed bag. Some athletes finished in 10 minutes and change, others not at all…why is this? Sure we are a group of mixed abilities with many other factors coming into play, diet, sleep, stress, etc.

Strategy is an interesting idea/discussion/mode of operating. It can be utilized in many workouts, but in this WOD in particular it seems like a viable option. Did you get your burpees done and then do as many thrusters as possible right up until the next minute started?  Could you do 20 your first round and then 8 the next? OR did you upon finishing burpees get 10 or 8 or however many you could do until there was 15 to 10 seconds left where you could rest until the next round of burpees?

Did you finish? Could strategy have helped, or did it help? It is an interesting thing to consider. Of course not everyone will use strategy in a WOD, nor are we advocating to, or not to. But as CrossFit athletes it is imperative that we push ourselves, test ourselves in all kinds of ways…mentally physically with time with rounds etc.

Please see CF Journal “to game or not to game” July 2010

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