10 power clean 115/85

10 push jerks 115/85

7 ring dips

AMRAP 20 minutes

Powerful movements and gymnastic strength comes from not only practice, practice, practice, but from the fundamental building block to elite fitness. That basic and utterly important piece of the pyramid is NUTRITION!

As we finish up our 8 week paleo challenge, many of our athletes have seen, felt and become the difference in their lives. It is so much more than working out, getting good sleep, thinking positively, being part of a community. It is that very simple and necessary thing we must do each and everyday, EAT. So what we eat is even more important than how many times a week we workout. I will say it again, WHAT WE EAT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HOW MANY TIMES A WEEK WE COME TO THE GYM.

If you haven’t tried paleo eating, talk to a coach or fellow athlete about their experience. If you tried the challenge, but didn’t quite follow thru this time around, talk to your team mates, your coach, pick up that book again. Everyday is a new day to do your very best.

While I understand this as a long term goal, can Ijust say that for me …as I began this process, I had to find ONE thing that I could focus on. It was not food…for a number of reasons….I think that if someone can only focus on one thing at a time like myself that it almost doesn’t matter which one takes the focus for a short time. as long as one of these gets full attention..that person will come to see the others as part of the whole. My experience was to see if I could just work out…I changed that ONE thing for the first three months at Undisputed…because that was all I was ready for. With the help of the community that you guys have set up, I was then able to focus on my diet…

I know -now- that is is the base to my over all health…but I could not see that at first- did not WANT to see it….and for me…and perhaps others who are similar to me (never been an athlete) its ok to flip it around as you get started.


Anyone else have a similar experience?

Comment by Mona Malec — February 3, 2011 @ 5:27 pm

Totally Mona, I too have never been an athlete, and have also thought I ate really well. For a long time I kept saying I would take a “paleo-esque” approach to eating though still being vegetarian. Obviously this a contradiction in terms and I had to really be brave to try and look at new information and apply it to my life, which is the reason why I tried to challenge everyone else at the gym to go paleo, needed the help and support. It is interesting how we have stories we tell ourselves about what we are doing and why we are doing it, and in the present it is the truth, it’s all we allow ourselves to know. But upon further unlearning and growth we gain new perspectives about the same old stories and if we are ready we change. I think for me it all about being open to change at any moment and giving fully to each day.

Comment by admin — February 6, 2011 @ 6:32 pm

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