20 January 2011


Skill set Turkish Get UP and or Figure 8 to hold with the strength set mimicking the skill with a 1,1,1

Kettle Bell Complex: figure 8 to hold into squat in to shoulder press, push press if you need to. AMRAP 12 minutes

Can I be the first to say what a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNG 12 minutes this was? And then I want to jump into a few more things about breathing….


1. It makes cardiovascular training more efficient;
2. It assists with power and stability during strength and endurance training;
3. It encourages relaxation during mind/body and flexibility training; and
4. It prevents dizziness and uncharacteristic shortness of breath during all forms of exercise.

Breathing properly is also important because of the unique relationship between oxygen, water and fat. You see, increased water and oxygen intake can actually help you to burn more fat. Excess water can be excreted from your body, along with unwanted toxins. It’s similar to the way in which people try to lose weight by sweating in a sauna, but better. In a sauna, you can actually get dehydrated. If you drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise, on the other hand, you can burn fat, lose excess water weight, stay hydrated and reach your goals.

Hmmm, Goals….time to start thinking about your goals, we are coming to the end of Undisputed’s Paleo Challenge

Are there any goals that have been divined from this experience? Anybody who didn’t do the challenge but see the benefit in their fellow athletes and want to try eating paleo? As we finish up our challenge, and hopefully many if not all of us will continue to nourish our bodies in the way of the caveman diet, it is a good time to start mapping out new goals old goals that have been unmet. Don’t be afraid to get with your coach, your fellow athlete and ask them to help you be held accountable. Just like we have standards that we want to hold ourselves to in our workouts, we should have standards we hold to ourselves and each other outside of the gym.


I really loved this work out! this whole week has been really interesting! Working on my goals too…thanks Heather for the time to go over some of those boring details of my goals!! Looking forward to meeting and passing these numbers!

Comment by Mona Malec — January 22, 2011 @ 5:52 am

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