14 January 2011

Mental! 5 rounds 5 chest to bar,15 chest to overhead, 20 front squats 115/75#

This was a long heavy workout with some amount of option in the second movement. Where the actual lift was not specified but merely chest to overhead …anyhow, this could be a shoulder press, push press, or jerk. Many switched it up throughout the somewhat grueling 5 rounds.

It was a great reward to see an athlete who had a breakthrough during this workout. She realized that she had gotten so used to lighter loads and moving fast fast fast through every workout. Today she challenged herself and although moving much slower than usual she realized the next level for herself, for her fitness, maybe her life. It was beautiful to witness such a thing. Whether it is setting a new PR, getting your first double under, or realizing that there is so much more to be done, everyday is new and filled with challenges to be met. Thankfully we are not alone and luckily we get to help one another in the process.

All this talk about hard work and breakthroughs makes me think of one of the topics I promised to tackle, well maybe just wrestle…rest days. As important as on days, our off day provides us with much needed recovery time. Never taking a day off is nothing to brag about, and although many of get that guilty feeling when we do, most of us know that getting enough rest is essential to performing well. Not only does our body repair and strengthen itself in the time between workouts but psychologically we can can regroup, re-evaluate, refocus and create balance. Without rest days even the strongest athletes will become weakened.

So what happens when we rest? Rest days are the hours that the body has to adapt to the stresses of exercise. It is the time when energy stores are replenished and damaged tissues are repaired. Don’t freak out, if you didn’t know, but physical work (read exercise) causes muscle tissue to breakdown and our energy stores or muscle glycogen becomes depleted along with loss of fluids. Without time to replenish and repair our bodies will continue to breakdown! Have you gotten how important rest days are yet? And just as important as recovering for a day or two (or whatever you have designed for yourself) is the recovery that happens in the short-term. I am talking about post workout recovery. Make sure to replenish your stores within 30 minutes of your workout. Find what works for you but generally  a balance of approximately 4:1 (carbs to protein) is a safe bet.

Signs of over training are a feeling of general malaise, staleness, depression,decreased performance and increased risk of injury.

SO…..Don’t over train!! We will miss you, your body will be mad at you and it just ain’t worth it! Be Smart, REST!

Mobility WOD