12 January 2011

OMG Three days have past and no blog! My apologies. There are so many topics I want to get into and every time I think of one, I see a facebook post about it…the synchronicity is astounding! Obviously I can’t tackle them all in one post. But I can start….and the discussion and exploration can continue, just like our quest for fitness.

Topic one: Resting/Rest Days

Topic two:Breathing

Topic three: I wasn’t always like this.

I wasn’t always like this. The way I am now. I spent the greater(as in quantity) part of my life not working out. In fact i used to think running( for example) was a waste of time and couldn’t fathom why anyone would want to do do such a thing. Unless of course they were being chased, and my logic didn’t lead to the next obvious thought that if I never ran before why would I suddenly be a great runner if someone was chasing me!

I wasn’t always able to do pull ups unassisted, or do a clean. In fact this February will be my one year anniversary of falling in love with CrossFit. Nearly one year ago I did my first CrossFit WOD, it was Fran. I think I did it with 55lbs and I definitely used a green band for my pull ups, my time was 11 something…I was so proud and so wasted! I was terrified to come back to another class, and yet it was all I could think about. For months after I would show up to do a class and just be thinking I should run away, but I kept showing up. I moved a green band to a purple. Usually I would have to go to my knees for push ups to make it through the workout, but I kept showing up. I continued to push through, focus on my form and tell myself I could do it. Then there were days when we would be learning a new movement. One in particular I can think of was the clean. Funny we just did cleans yesterday (11 January 2011) and I remembered how difficult it can be and how utterly important the movement is. The first time I learned the clean was the first time I left class frustrated and kinda angry. I could not get the movement down, my brain and my body  just would sync up. I started practicing cleans at home with a latilla. I was determined to understand it, to get it. Then there was the learning of double unders. Practice practice practice almost everyday even just for one minute, and then I got them, did them in a few workouts, thought I had it made…stopped doing them for a while, stopped practicing. Next time it came up in a workout, ha! I could barely string two together. I was amazed and humbled.

This quest for fitness, this drive to be healthier, fitter stronger faster, it  is ongoing its everyday.It’s a life time of work and I love it. But there will always be obstacles and hardships and frustrations and days of crying in the shower after a workout but then there’s tomorrow. and I get up and try again. Try to remember that, each and everyone of you is growing and changing everyday. Look back to your journals, look at a workout you did just three months ago, look back to 6 months ago. How have you grown? Where are you stuck? Take a picture of yourself today, mental or digital, compare that picture to one in three months, 6 months, one year. You will be amazed!

Crow B. Rising

(thanks to Becca Borawski at CFLA, this was a topic on my mind and then you blogged it about it moments later and I knew it had to be done here too)

So soon to come the tackling of Topics one and two!

WorkOut of the Day

5 Deadlifts 225/155,  20 double unders, 7 Rounds for time! This is one of the scheduled events for Rx division at the SouthWest Throwdown in el Paso 26-27 February

Thanks so much Crow! exactly where my mind has been as well… I am amazed at the differences in myself since I started Crossfit (one year next month!)
When I started, it was SO hard – but I loved it – I know everyone remembers when Roo would come with me on running warmups, sit on my belly for situps, leave teething biscuit crumbs all over the floor and breastfeeding in the middle of a WOD!
there is the obvious external difference in physical size and shape (have lost the last of the baby weight, plus the pre-baby pudge = 20 lbs of fat and + about the same probably in muscle)
I started pullups with a green band and the tire and ended up finally getting proper deadhang kipping pullups.
Since I’ve been resting, I sometime fret about the de-training that I know is happening, but I have to remember that I’m doing what’s needed for true fitness ~ lasting fitness ~ I love this journey and I don’t ever want to stop!
and I love our Undisputed Tribe – family for sure

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