Paleo Recipe of the Week

2 Turkey (or chicken) breast cut up and thrown into a bag with the following mix: juice of one lemon, few ounces of white wine, handful of bruised fresh basil, dash or two of red chile powder, bit of pepper and a tablespoon of honey….mix it up and throw it in the fridge for 6hours. So this is better prepared for tomorrow’s lunch, but lets pretend you got it all ready to go, add a bit of coconut oil to the pan and stir fry, when the meat is cooked put aside and dry the pan turn up the heat and add as many chopped mushrooms as you desire along with black pepper and cook just until outside is golden……….In a separate pan a bit of coconut oil a minced clove of garlic and some cashew a quick toss around until garlic is slightly gold and then add lightly steamed broccoli (it should be BRIGHT green) toss around a minute or two and VOILA! you have delicious meal that took 10 minutes to prepare and is super low in fat!

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