December 8th, 2010

Today’s WOD:

Isabel- 30 Snatches for time.

RX= 135lbs/95lbs

A comparison can be drawn between trying the Paleo diet and learning a new and complex movement like the snatch. We struggle, question, over analyze, work through discomfort in order to evolve and then we discover a small piece of what we did not know that we did not know.

Paleo occurrences or oddities.

I got called to LA for some work that was to last only one day. Wait. Back up.
Three or four years ago my acid reflux became so horrific that I needed a solution. I bought Prilosec at the local Walgreens and followed the instructions of use. It worked beautifully.
Prilosec is to be taken for a short period and then you lay off of it for three months. I guess it becomes too toxic for use more frequent than that.
It started to fail after the first year. I’d altered my diet. Added this-deleted that. Didn’t eat hours before bed. (I would wake in the night from the pain and had to sleep in a seated position in an effort to help keep the acid down with gravity).
Nothing helped. Bottles of tums and prilosec combined could not relieve the pain that would come from drinking even WATER!! Ugh!
To the doctor I went. He scoped me. This involves a semi conscious state where your mouth is pried open and a mouth piece that prevents the closing of the mouth is inserted. There is a hole in the mouthpiece that provides the pathway for the steel cable/camera apparatus; which is then shoved down your unwilling throat.
I became more fully conscious at that point and began hand over hand pulling the device out.
Restraints and more vercet followed which brought me to an agreeable state.
The doctor informed me about the acid causing a scarring that then, in turn, could cause esophageal cancer-which my dads buddy died from months earlier. He had my attention . He said my scarring wasn’t too severe yet, and that with the medication, Nexium, I would return to a normal life.
“Normal”. Yet I’d need drugs to not be in agony due to my digestive tract? Really?! NORMAL? I complied and felt awful about it. What if I ran out? What if there was an economic breakdown and I had to hunt my food, etc, but there was no Nexium??
I felt like a deficient human with faulty parts that wouldn’t work well or painlessly with drugs….and that sucks if your constitution is like mine…..
Anywayzzz….so my job in LA kept me there more days than I’d expected. Three more days. Usually after forty hours between Nexium pills I become HIGHLY uncomfortable. I’d spent more than twice that time between pills and hadn’t even thought about acid reflux. Zero discomfort.
I’d started a strict Paleo Diet two days before I left for my trip. I’m still on it. Not on Nexium. I have it on hand just in case…but I’m shocked I haven’t felt ANY tinge of discomfort.
Lap Bands. Insulin injections. Nexium. Arthritis medication….ad infinitum the list goes on.
At no point are doctors looking towards wellness. They look towards procedures and prescriptions and keep us sick. If the only tool you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails.
Consider that the universe or god or Whatever DIDN’T make you faulty. It made you PERFECT. you just didn’t have the operating pamphlet and the only pamphlets out there suggested by the FDA are corporate based to feed us poison and then “treat” our forthcoming “sickness” which is caused by said poison.
I’d love to hear more experiences about this. And I love you all. And I understand it takes courage to confront these things….but isnt it worth considering?
After all…ya just can’t know what ya don’t know…until you do and experience.

Tait G. Fletcher

Turkey Burger with onion garlic and bell pepper, steamed artichoke, and arugula/spinach salad with tomato avocado carrot the dressing was shallot olive and sesame oil lemon tamari deliciousness….

That’s some damn genius type stuff, right there!

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