December 21, 2010

Today’s WOD:

THE BURGIE: (variation)


1)Kettlebell burpee hang clean thrusters(16kg/10kg)


3)Tuck Knee Jumps(knee comes above hip joint)


Do the same ladder with these movements-

1) Burpees


3)Air Squat

Named for Coach Mike Glassman, “The Burgie” is the quintessential Crossfit workout!

To begin, the kettlebell burpee hang clean thruster (to break it down- Place your hands with the kettlebells on the ground, kick your legs back so your in a push up position, do a push up, then bring your legs back up to your chest. You then clean the kettlebells and land in a squat, and then finish with a thruster) is three dynamic, compound movements in one. This movement alone touches on each one of the ten recognized domains of fitness. They are Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. Linked together the three separate movements present many challenges to the athlete. Just demo-ing this movement got my heart and lungs operating at a much faster rate. Getting through the ladder requires stamina. The thrusters take strength, especially when exhausted, to get those bells over head. Flexibility is necessary to each of the movements, as it always lends to power, balance and strength. Then the damn tuck jumps with the knees higher than the hip joint! Power is necessary for the pull-ups the jumps and each part of the KB burpee hang clean thruster. Without speed, this workout would take an hour which would hinder it’s anaerobic and cardiovascular effect.Additionally, without speed, the cleans wouldn’t happen, nor would successive pull-ups deep into the ladder. Transitioning between the burpee and the hang clean straight into the thruster takes incredible amounts of balance, agility accuracy and coordination. That being said, pull-ups and tuck jumps are hardly excercises to sneeze at and require most of these domains in and of themselves.  Add that to the descending ladder model, where the rounds get shorter and faster as you go, increasing the demand on your cardiovascular and respiratory systems and we are back to where we started (or ladies and gentleman, we have a winner)

for the quintessential CrossFit workout…aren’t ya glad it’s over?!

Thanks so much for all the information about the “whys” of the programing….not only do you help make me stronger…you expand my understanding of how my body actually processes this work!

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