December 18, 2010

Partner Workout:

50 pullups

400 meter run

50 KB Thrusters

35 pullups

400 meter run

35 KB Thrusters

20 pullups

400 meter

20 KB Thrusters

The work is to be divided by the partners in whatever way that they choose. For example, one partner does as many pullups as they can do until they can not do anyome(say 22) and then the other partner does as many as they can do. One partner is working while the other rests. When they have completed 50, they both go out and do the run. Then on to the KB thrusters in the same fashion and so on.

We have made Saturdays workouts partner or team workouts. We are doing this in an effort to strengthen our community while giving our athletes an opportunity to coach each other, thereby identifying their own faults in others, learning how to give cues to correct or improve form, and holding themselves and others to a higher standard. We highly recommend these team/partner workouts. They are not only fun, but they are also a learning experience. Do you prefer to attack a WOD alone or do you see the benefit in being accountable to a partner or team?

Mobility WOD