December 14, 2010

WOD: Heavy Thrusters and Sprint

5 Rounds of

400 mtr run

9 Thrusters 115/95

for time!!

Today’s workout coupled a weightlifting movement and long sprint. The weightlifting movement of the Thruster has a rather large range of motion…the load travels DISTANCE by our prime movers of the posterior chain.  The intended movement call for the hips below the knee joint in the lowered front squat position, and then violently sprung overhead by the fierce opening of the hip, ending in a locked out, overhead position.  The ears should be in front of the shoulders for the lift to be acceptable or ‘count’.

We went heavy to really overload the legs and call in major muscle recruitment.  After the requisite reps, it was off to the run.  Athletes noticed that it took several strides to get their legs under them before they could start to feel ‘rest’ during the run.

This all brings us back to Intensity.  How do I fare when I’m completely taxed in one area of life and segueing into another?  Do I give my all?  These are questions that fill my head in those moments…being into a totally new movement, is there a reason to not give my all?  How can I push to grow more with each stride?  Is it helping myself to hold back or hurting?

Mobility WOD