December 17,2010

Today’s WOD:



15 CHIN UPS- not pullups

20 KB THRUSTERS (16/10 Kg)

Another total shoulder burning workout. We have been learning about the benefits of working your muscles to exhaustion.

Peter Nolan-  writes about the mental ramifications of Crossfit for Men’s Fitness
“I have been lightly touching upon the psychological/mental benefit of CrossFit training in a number of blog posts. As I continue to attend the WODs, I have been steadily increasing how far I can push myself. When I exhaust myself daily throughout the various WODs, I’m not only building my physical endurance, but I’m also increasing my mental tolerance for the state of exhaustion. The feeling is becoming more and more familiar, and therefore more and more manageable. Though I feel like I have a long way to go before reaching my work  rate threshold, I am noticing the benefits of this newly acquired mental fitness

. This benefit of CrossFit, I feel, is the most valuable. In sport, it’s not always the athlete with the superior talent or even fitness that wins. The winner will be the competitor who can endure the pressure, push themselves farther, and win the mental battle. There’s nothing like being mentally fit when competing in sports. It provides a level of confidence that is empowering. You know you’re going to win before you even set foot on the stage. I found this weekend, that through CrossFit, I’ve improved this mental toughness leaps and bounds.”

151 chinups is A LOT!!

Comment by Tait Fletcher — December 20, 2010 @ 9:49 am

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