22 Deciembre 2010

Holidays are nearing and every athlete is improving by leaps and bounds!

Just one more day of regular classes until the holiday schedule begins. All the the coaches at CFSF are so proud of you all! Please talk to us if you need a workout for the times we are closed, or extra help with paleo…anything! WE are here for you!!

WorkOut of the Dia…. we started out with a double skill set, Turkish Get-ups and Back Squats, both requiring a lot of balance and strength, with a focus on coordination when it came to the get ups and a focus on power when it came to the back squats. But I was super impressed with the progress that was made by everyone. Good Work! Then we moved on to a strength set or “forza” as our friends at CrossFit Parma call it. Back Squats, 5-5-5 and then came that little cutie, Tabata your Mama. If you remember from previous weeks we talked about Tabata interval training and the the immense benefits that come with it. This Tabata consisted of Ab Mat sit ups, Squats, and Burpees

The Paleo Recipe of the Week: Watercress and Steak Salad OMG!

Steak strips, cooked how you like em, Watercress (sub arugula, but try and get the ‘cress it is like nothing else!) Avocado sliced, Mango sliced, Jicama sliced, Red or Orange Pepper you guessed it, sliced, and Pomegranate if you so desire.

Then comes the piece de resistance, oil free dressing!! As far as amounts you are gonna have to wing it, but the ingredients are as follows: lime, ginger, green chile, garlic, lemongrass, onion, coriander, cumin, pepper…maaaaaaaaybe a dash of salt

Buon Appitito!

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