20 December 2010

Work Out of the Day: AMRAP 20min 10 Chest to O/H 155/115 10 KB Swings 32/20 10 Box Jumps 24″

A WorkOut to be feared, this is certain!  Tonight a full lunar eclipse, a sight to behold if you can stay up late enough. It is also winter solstice the longest night of the year and a time to let go of something. What is that something for you? Fear? The voice telling you that one more rep cannot be done? That you must have that bread, or cheese, or cookies? Are there limitations you or someone else had put on yourself? Think about something you want/need/desire to let go of….AND DO IT! NOW is the time, and remember you have the support of your fellow athletes and coaches always.  CI CIAO!

Mobility WOD