2 December 2010

Workout of the Day:

Run 1600 meters

Rest 3 minutes

Run 1200 meters

Rest 3 minutes

Run 800 meters

Rest 3 minutes

Run 400 meters

The focus of this workout is running in intervals with rest in between. Interval running is running in at an anaerobic pace. This helps deliver more oxygen to the muscles, which in turn allows athletes to run faster and for longer distances. Interbvals followed by rest also helps the body to burn more calories and increases the bodies ability to burn fat. One of our athletes was wearing a calorie counter that counted over 500 calories burned.

Improvements in VO2 max and Aerobic Performance

“A study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology had 12 subjects maintain the same relative exercise intensity in either an interval training (IT) or continuous training (CT) group. The 12 subjects were equally divided into continuous (CT, exercise at 50% maximal work) or interval (30 s work, 30 s rest at 100% maximal work) training groups that cycled 30 min/day, 3 days/week, for 8 weeks.

Following training, aerobic power (VO2max), exercising work rates, and peak power output were all higher (9–16%) after IT than after CT (5–7%). The authors concluded that, of the two types of training programs employed, interval training produced higher increases in VO2max (ie. aerobic performance) and in the ability to exercise at maximal intensity for a longer period of time. Although this study was used with cycling, the principles and results may be assumed for other methods of aerobic training such as running.”-Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

If you happened to read the blog from yesterday(if you did not, take a minute to read it now), you will notice that Tabata workouts and interval running boost many of the same benefits. Which do you prefer?

Also with today’s workout, came a story of success. Darlene Vigil. When Darlene came to CrossFit Santa Fe just a few months ago she could not run 200m without having to stop and walk. Today she did the ENTIRE workout without stopping once!!! Congratulations to Darlene, you are an amazing athlete!

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