16 December 2010

21-15-9 O/H walking lunges 45/25#, ring dips, burpees

Now while the walking lunges with weight posed a challenge, and everyone adores breathtaking burpees, it was hands down the ring dips that fatigued, frustrated and flustered all the athletes today.

Ring dips call in to play a few different elements. It is considered a compound movement and while simultaneously working the triceps, deltoids, pectorals and core, muscle recruitment is increased because there is an element of instability due to the free movement of the rings. But let’s go back…a compound movement is an exercise that uses two or more joints in performing the movement making the exercise more effective and efficient in muscle building and fat burning. Can you think of others? Can you think of ones that do not?

Recipe of the week a, “three-in-one”

You will need chicken breast (three per person), leek, eggplant, capers, colorful bell pepper (not green) Bake all together with a bit of coconut oil and water in the oven at 350*F depending on how you cut your eggplant you may want to bake it first for 20 minutes, then add chicken breast…That’s meal one….Meal two, the next day cut up one of your uneaten chicken breast, add to a bowl with a grip of chopped parsley, fresh lightly steamed cranberries, black pepper, some walnuts and a bit of mayo, mix with fork…eat with your favorite veggie (I love it with an artichoke)….Meal three…..add all the leftover eggplant from meal one along with peppers leeks and the like, chop up a serrano pepper your last chicken breast and heat up in the old cast iron skillet with a bit o coconut oil and TA-DA! Easy as pie, bake just one night and have an easy a different meal the next two! Buon Appitito!

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