December 30, 2010

Today’s WOD-

STRENGTH- 5,5,5 – Strict Shoulder Press


20 Burpees

30 Box Jumps

40 KB Swings(go heavy)

30 Box Jumps

20 Burpees

This was a serious metabolic conditioning workout. Short and sweet and demanding.

We spoke about standards today. Let’s go over the Crossfit standards for these movements.

The box jump-

for a proper box jump, you must come to full extention at the top of the jump, this can either happen on the box or in the air as you jump of the box.

The burpee-   The “six count burpee”  is the burpee  in its truest form. Each of the six movements is done deliberately:

  1. Squat
  2. Kick out to Plank
  3. Chest to the ground
  4. Push-up to plank
  5. Kick legs up back into a squat
  6. Jump at least 6”

The standard is to follow is your chest touches the floor, full extention of the hip in the jump at top, clap overhead in jump.

The kettlebell swing-

In an article written by Greg Glassman for the Crossfit Journal(Issue 25, September 2004), he writes:
“On first being introduced to the kettlebell swing our immediate response was, “Why not go overhead?” Generally, we endeavor, somewhat reflexively, to lengthen the line of travel of any movement. Why?
There are two reasons. The first is somewhat intuitive. We don’t do half rep pull-ups, we don’t do half rep squats, and we don’t do half rep push-ups. If there is a natural range of motion to any movement we like to complete it. To do otherwise seems unnatural. We would argue that partial reps are neurologically incomplete. The second reason deals with some fundamentals of physics and exercise physiology.
From physics we know that the higher we lift something, and the more it weighs, the more “work” we are performing. Work is in fact equal to the weight lifted multiplied by the height we lift the object. Work performed divided by the time to completion is equal to the average “power” expressed in the effort.
Power is exactly identical to the exercise physiologist’s “intensity”. Intensity, more than any other measurable factor, correlates to physiological response. So more work in less time, or more weight moved farther in less time, is largely a measure of an exercise’s potency.
When we swing the kettlebell to overhead, the American swing, we nearly double the range of motion compared to the Russian swing and thereby double the work done each stroke. For any given time period, the power would be equivalent only if the Russian swing rate was twice the American swing rate.”

Glassman goes on to discuss many reasons and statistics on why we do the kettlebell swing the way that we do it in Crossfit. It is truly fascinating.

There are many reasons that we hold ourselves to higher standards in Crossfit. When we hold ourselves to these standards we get better results in our fitness. We utilize full range of motion, thereby getting more out of each movement, each workout. We are unwavering with our accuracy and we place form above time in our goals. A movement done outside of acceptable standards is not counted.

When we think about it, holding ourselves to higher standard can vastly improve our lives, both inside and outside of the gym. When we become unwavering in our standards, we demand more out of ourselves and those around us. What are your standards in your personal life, in your relationships, in your workouts, in the way that you are treated by others, in the way that you treat others, in the integrity of your word to yourself(and to others), in that conversation with the defeatest voice in your head??? How have these standards been changed or been shaped by Crossfit?

Paleo Recipe of the Week

2 Turkey (or chicken) breast cut up and thrown into a bag with the following mix: juice of one lemon, few ounces of white wine, handful of bruised fresh basil, dash or two of red chile powder, bit of pepper and a tablespoon of honey….mix it up and throw it in the fridge for 6hours. So this is better prepared for tomorrow’s lunch, but lets pretend you got it all ready to go, add a bit of coconut oil to the pan and stir fry, when the meat is cooked put aside and dry the pan turn up the heat and add as many chopped mushrooms as you desire along with black pepper and cook just until outside is golden……….In a separate pan a bit of coconut oil a minced clove of garlic and some cashew a quick toss around until garlic is slightly gold and then add lightly steamed broccoli (it should be BRIGHT green) toss around a minute or two and VOILA! you have delicious meal that took 10 minutes to prepare and is super low in fat!

December 28, 2010



7 rounds of 7 Ring dips, 7 burpees, 7 pull ups, & a 200 meter run for time


7 rounds of 10 assisted ring dips, 10 burpees, 10 assisted pull ups, & a 200 meter run for time

Well, we are back from a little vacation at Undisputed Fitness and of course we jumped in with both feet. The most prevalent sound in the gym today was heavy breathing. I think that everyone was grateful to get moving again, and nobody said it was going to be easy.

Don’t forget that we have a limited schedule of classes the week between Christmas and New Years:

There will be a 7am class Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If that class fills up(10 athlete cap), we will have another class following the 7am. It will be first come first serve, so get there early.

There will be a 4:30 class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If that class fills up(10 athlete cap), e will have another class at 5:30. On Friday(New Year’s Eve) there will be a noon class, but no 4:30 class. We hope to see you all this week.

If you are having trouble getting to the gym or feeling unusually tempted by Holiday treats, you may find Crossfit LAs Holiday Resource Guide to be a valuable and helpful read! They cover all sorts of things, from offsite workouts to nutrition over the holidays.

By Andy Petranek, John Burch & Luke Kayyem-   just copy and paste this link into your browser

December 23,2010-addendum

We have been so blessed with visitors from other boxes and cities lately! Love the new blood … and sweat!

First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge Rachel from Denver, our newest, cutest Crossfit addict! Rachel has been here for a little over a week and has dropped in to 4 or 5 classes. We will miss you when you go, but we have confidence that you will do us proud at whatever excellent box you join when you return to Denver( we highly recommend Crossfit Verve-  Make sure to tell Cherie we say HI!   Catch you on the flip side!

Also, we would like to thank Ford and Lauree for their participation in today’s activities. Super great to get to know you guys!

December 23, 2010

Today’s WOD is “NUTTS”!!!!!!!!!


10 handstand pushup
250/155 deadlift 15 reps
25 box jumps
50 pullups
100 wallball shots 20lb-14 10 ft/8ft
200 double unders
Run with a 45/25 lb plate overhead 400 mtrs


Twenty KB shoulder presses
15 deadlifts
20 box jumps
20 pullups
30 wallball shots
50 squats
Run 400 with PVC overhead

OOF! I think that everyone would agree that this workout was indeed “NUTTS”! The hero workouts are named for fallen war heros. They represent the warrior nature in us all. You will need to access this nature to get through the hero workouts, as they are brutal. “Nutts” was named for this man-


“It is a year ago today that our beloved Andy Nutts was killed in combat in Afghanistan. It was a tragic but noble death.

Last Christmas was especially hard on our Crossfit Vancouver family and even more so on Andy’s immediate family. Andy was a very special human being and his death struck us all very deeply. Climaxed by 1,000 people clapping in a standing ovation over his flag draped coffin for what seemed to be five minutes.

A year has passed and I can say that now when I think of Andy I may have a lump in my throat, but I smile soon afterward. I can only hope Richard, Jane and John can find peace with Andy’s death over the next year. Nuttalls you deserve this blessing. Our thoughts go out to you on this holiday season. No need to worry anymore…… Andy is just fine.”- from Crossfit Vancouver. December 22, 2010. Andy Nuttall was not only a brave and honorable soldier, he was also a certified Crossfit Instructor. RIP.

Tait Fletcher, our fearless leader, programmed this workout without knowing that yesterday was the anniversary of Andy Nuttall’s death. Talk about a cosmic kismit. We at Crossfit Santa Fe are proud to honor Lieutenant Nuttall by pushing ourselves to our limits while working through his WOD!

This WOD presented so many challenges. We find ourselves exhausted and struggling through an extraordinary amount of double unders and wall balls, after completing the HSPUs, heavy deadlifts, pullups ,and box jumps. It is important to stay aware of our range of motion(ROM), even in our state of exhaustion and in spite of our our desire to end with a great time. Which brings us to a very important distinction in Crossfit.  Is it more important to finish with a great time or to execute the movements correctly with full range of motion? We chose to answer this question by quoting some heavy hitters:

“-THESE GUYS ARE FOCUSED ON THE PROCESS NOT THE OUTCOME. How many of you guys out there are ’stop-watch whores’? You put out a sub 3 minute Fran but half of your thrusters you didn’t push your head all the way through, and 10 of your butterfly pull-ups were technically over the bar but not really? These guys aren’t like that. I get to workout with dutch pretty regularly and ALL his reps count. He is focused on the execution of the rep and not really the stopwatch. OPT – same way; look at all his videos and read the ROM requirements on the blog (borderline obsessed with the process). These guys focus FIRST on doing the movement flawlessly and SECOND on the clock. If your goal is to be the stud of your garage or gym, then this might not pertain to you BUT if your goal is to compete, then this has to be your mindset.”from Spencer Nix of Dallas CrossFit

…which inspired this from Maximus Lewin from Maximus Lewin Strength and Conditioning and Crossfit East Bay

“I feel that true excellence in CrossFit requires excellent form, regardless of speed. In some ways I am more impressed with a middle-of-the-pack athlete with HEART who does everything right, than a Firebreathing animal who cuts corners to make their blazing times even hotter. Of course what I really love to see is blazing intensity with excellent form. We want virtuosity!”

He goes on to talk about how he used to guess with wishful thinking when he lost track of reps and that he wasn’t necessarily concerned with full ROM. Now, he realizes that the only one he is cheating in that is himself and he has become vigilant in his pursuit of full ROM and he counts only reps that he is sure of.

On a side note, I want to share with you a story from our own Box. Mona Malec, one of our very  committed Crossfitters, shared something interesting and moving with me when she came in from her run with a 25 lb. plate over her head. She said that running that way made her remember why it was so hard for her to run when she first began Crossfit in June. I asked her what she meant and she shared that she had lost 40 lbs since she began with us in June. She said that running with that plate over her head reminded her of how difficult it was to run with that extra 40 lbs. Needles to say I cried(I am crying now)! Mona we are SO proud of you and you inspire us with your tenacity, your focus and your giggles!

22 Deciembre 2010

Holidays are nearing and every athlete is improving by leaps and bounds!

Just one more day of regular classes until the holiday schedule begins. All the the coaches at CFSF are so proud of you all! Please talk to us if you need a workout for the times we are closed, or extra help with paleo…anything! WE are here for you!!

WorkOut of the Dia…. we started out with a double skill set, Turkish Get-ups and Back Squats, both requiring a lot of balance and strength, with a focus on coordination when it came to the get ups and a focus on power when it came to the back squats. But I was super impressed with the progress that was made by everyone. Good Work! Then we moved on to a strength set or “forza” as our friends at CrossFit Parma call it. Back Squats, 5-5-5 and then came that little cutie, Tabata your Mama. If you remember from previous weeks we talked about Tabata interval training and the the immense benefits that come with it. This Tabata consisted of Ab Mat sit ups, Squats, and Burpees

The Paleo Recipe of the Week: Watercress and Steak Salad OMG!

Steak strips, cooked how you like em, Watercress (sub arugula, but try and get the ‘cress it is like nothing else!) Avocado sliced, Mango sliced, Jicama sliced, Red or Orange Pepper you guessed it, sliced, and Pomegranate if you so desire.

Then comes the piece de resistance, oil free dressing!! As far as amounts you are gonna have to wing it, but the ingredients are as follows: lime, ginger, green chile, garlic, lemongrass, onion, coriander, cumin, pepper…maaaaaaaaybe a dash of salt

Buon Appitito!

December 21st- Addendum

We had the pleasure to have a visitor drop in to a class today, Karen from Crossfit 310 in Redondo Beach CA . We hope that you come back again soon!

December 21, 2010

Today’s WOD:

THE BURGIE: (variation)


1)Kettlebell burpee hang clean thrusters(16kg/10kg)


3)Tuck Knee Jumps(knee comes above hip joint)


Do the same ladder with these movements-

1) Burpees


3)Air Squat

Named for Coach Mike Glassman, “The Burgie” is the quintessential Crossfit workout!

To begin, the kettlebell burpee hang clean thruster (to break it down- Place your hands with the kettlebells on the ground, kick your legs back so your in a push up position, do a push up, then bring your legs back up to your chest. You then clean the kettlebells and land in a squat, and then finish with a thruster) is three dynamic, compound movements in one. This movement alone touches on each one of the ten recognized domains of fitness. They are Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. Linked together the three separate movements present many challenges to the athlete. Just demo-ing this movement got my heart and lungs operating at a much faster rate. Getting through the ladder requires stamina. The thrusters take strength, especially when exhausted, to get those bells over head. Flexibility is necessary to each of the movements, as it always lends to power, balance and strength. Then the damn tuck jumps with the knees higher than the hip joint! Power is necessary for the pull-ups the jumps and each part of the KB burpee hang clean thruster. Without speed, this workout would take an hour which would hinder it’s anaerobic and cardiovascular effect.Additionally, without speed, the cleans wouldn’t happen, nor would successive pull-ups deep into the ladder. Transitioning between the burpee and the hang clean straight into the thruster takes incredible amounts of balance, agility accuracy and coordination. That being said, pull-ups and tuck jumps are hardly excercises to sneeze at and require most of these domains in and of themselves.  Add that to the descending ladder model, where the rounds get shorter and faster as you go, increasing the demand on your cardiovascular and respiratory systems and we are back to where we started (or ladies and gentleman, we have a winner)

for the quintessential CrossFit workout…aren’t ya glad it’s over?!

20 December 2010

Work Out of the Day: AMRAP 20min 10 Chest to O/H 155/115 10 KB Swings 32/20 10 Box Jumps 24″

A WorkOut to be feared, this is certain!  Tonight a full lunar eclipse, a sight to behold if you can stay up late enough. It is also winter solstice the longest night of the year and a time to let go of something. What is that something for you? Fear? The voice telling you that one more rep cannot be done? That you must have that bread, or cheese, or cookies? Are there limitations you or someone else had put on yourself? Think about something you want/need/desire to let go of….AND DO IT! NOW is the time, and remember you have the support of your fellow athletes and coaches always.  CI CIAO!

December 18, 2010

Partner Workout:

50 pullups

400 meter run

50 KB Thrusters

35 pullups

400 meter run

35 KB Thrusters

20 pullups

400 meter

20 KB Thrusters

The work is to be divided by the partners in whatever way that they choose. For example, one partner does as many pullups as they can do until they can not do anyome(say 22) and then the other partner does as many as they can do. One partner is working while the other rests. When they have completed 50, they both go out and do the run. Then on to the KB thrusters in the same fashion and so on.

We have made Saturdays workouts partner or team workouts. We are doing this in an effort to strengthen our community while giving our athletes an opportunity to coach each other, thereby identifying their own faults in others, learning how to give cues to correct or improve form, and holding themselves and others to a higher standard. We highly recommend these team/partner workouts. They are not only fun, but they are also a learning experience. Do you prefer to attack a WOD alone or do you see the benefit in being accountable to a partner or team?

Mobility WOD