KettleBell Duo

10 November 2010

Today’s WOD was a partner exercise, 5 Rounds for reps not TIME

KB Swings 24/16 and Goblet Squats (with a KB in ea. hand) 20/12

The first person in the duo, completes both movements before the partner takes over…doing as many reps as possible without rest before moving on. We tallied up individual reps and the team reps for a final score.

This was great exercise to practice the art of scaling. To find that place where you could have maximum power output, where you could push yourself, challenge and test yourself. Where is that spot where you are at your strongest most powerful without under-challenging yourself. Many of the athletes began the workout and realized that they underestimated what they could do, picking weights much to light.  So they scaled…up. Some athletes found that they picked weights too heavy and had to push back. This is GOOD!

Another subject that always comes up for athletes and coaches, injuries. It seems every week we coaches are talking with yet another athlete about injuries, past present or future. What to do, what not to do, how to avoid, prevent, repair, heal. To take time off from class, to keep at it, what is safe what is unsafe.

It is paramount that we treat our bodies right. Good food, proper form, consistency in attendance, enough sleep, and when it strikes rest when injured. As individuals we must listen to ourselves and what our bodies are calling for, but we also must educate ourselves. Much of what we have been told throughout our lives about exercise and health are lies. Many doctors today are ill-informed. So where do we get good information from? I personally think the CrossFit Journal is one of THE BEST sources for information on our health and fitness, diet and nutrition. It is up to date, has many contributors with the widest variety in backgrounds and it provides a place for discussion.

I recently read in article that I encourage you all to read. it is entitled “Silly Bullshit” by Mark Rippetoe Issue 59 2007 . It is largely about what I was talking about in the precious paragraph. An excerpt from that article:

“It is incumbent on you, yes You, to educate yourself to a sufficient extent that you are in a position to evaluate information issued from a position of authority. You are supposed to be able to recognize silly bullshit when you hear it.”

So before you go….I wanted to congratulate Mona on executing her FIRST unassisted kipping pull-up!!!!!!! YES MONA!

This is Mona after successful completion!

Mobility WOD