5 November 2010



After our heavy partner chipper yesterday, we brought in a day of Olympic Lifting with cleans.

“At the start of any pulling movement, form wins out over speed.” Bill Starr Pulling Techniques Hip it before you Whip it The Cf Journal

While a lot of the athletes got the “basic” idea of the clean, many of you began to loose strength as the load increased. This wasn’t due to increased load per-say but rather loss of form/technique. A good dead lift set up is crucial to executing the clean or power clean. Keeping the bar rising at the same speed of the hips and having it rise in a straight line are two important points to keep in mind when performing this movement.

While we give you the cues to proper form in the basic set up for the clean, we must as individuals find that place in the set up that best fits our bodies. We won’t all look the same at the bottom of our dead lift, but when we go to pull that weight our form follows the same technique. And the core of that technique is that the bar must rise at the same rate as our hips. If we can all concentrate on this as a fundamental, we will greatly improve many of our Olympic lifts. This point cannot be over-emphasize this enough. Be patient with yourself. Focus on a good set up and the rest will follow, if we become impatient or hurried, if we start thinking about how that amount of weight is going to get up to our chest, or we are going to get under it…we’ve already failed.

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