21 November 2010


whew! what a chipper….this work out of the day was a real leveler. with so many different movements we had the chance to excel and be humbled all in one lovely work out…..

So what is a “chipper” exactly……From the Crossfit.com discussion boards…

“People throw around a lot of explanations for the word. Feeling like you’ve been through a wood chipper is what they threw out at the cert.

Chippers typically have a long list of exercises for you to work through, and don’t repeat or have rounds. Because of this, it’s very linear: you start at one end and work your way in one direction until you’ve done it all, which I think of as the same way a log is worked through a wood chipper.”

From Crossfit I-5 Mission Viejo, Ca

A “Chipper” is a workout format that involves multiple tasks and movements to complete in a certain order. Chippers are designed so that as you fatigue in one task, you switch movements and continue on until your workout is complete. These workouts can be challenging yet rewarding. The wide variety of movements requires an incredible base of skill combined with strength and endurance.

Chippers typically level the playing field. Every athlete has strengths and weaknesses. When a workout includes 5 or more different movements, both strengths and weaknesses will likely be exposed.

Crossfit Connection. Burlington Ontario

I LOVE CHIPPERS….I think I like them so much because they are one of those few things that I am sincerely comfortable with. That crossfit mantra…get comfortable with the uncomfortable….well I gotta tell you there aren’t many things that I am comfortable with in Crossfit . Every workout is hard hard hard because we are always challenging ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong, chippers are hard but I think its the way I can put each movement completion behind me and feel like I’m making progress toward the end goal of finishing. In a way it reminds me of my Ironman experience, its a really long race but you get to the end with one swim stroke, pedal stroke and running ( sometimes walking) step to the end.

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