16 November 2010

Shoulder Mobility stretches, Snatch Progressions and AMRAP strength/gymnastics Work Out of the Day

Today we focused the first part of the class on some new shoulder mobility stretches, and then tested out the water with Ring dips, max reps in one minute, 3 times. The shoulder mobility movements we are doing in class are all things that can be and should be done at home, rest day, on days, every day! Increasing flexibility and mobility in our joints will improve our form, time, power output, and decrease chance of injury.

Next we worked on a snatch progression. The snatch is a complex movement. “The snatch is the ultimate in athleticism, and the pole vault is the only other movement that’s comparable in terms of concentration and difficulty.” Bill Starr   That being said, one can imagine how easy it may be to get frustrated with the movement.  Important things to remember; relax, breathe, focus. Be patient with yourself. Practice and consistency are key!

Finally we came to the Workout of the Day     AMRAP 8min.  8 DL 225/155 and 8 Box jumps

Mobility WOD