October 25, 2010
OH Karen! We are doing the girls this week! A different girl every day! Today was Karen:
150 Wall Balls to ten feet. (20/14)
Cut off at 15 minutes.

We were totally impressed with everyone’s effort today. Those who scaled met their goals and surpassed them. Those that completed, rocked it. Peter Trevisani, Phil Madrid and Chris Chickering all did the prescribed workout and hit that ten foot mark. They finished with really good times. This workout is taxing to say the least. 150 wall balls is a whole lot of wall balls to be sure. It is difficult to keep your pace and your intensity. One is challenged by keeping that depth in the squat an the height on the throw. Keeping all these aspects together is a true challenge. To complete, one has to do at least 10 wall balls a minute. This is a lot harder than it sounds. The question here is do you pace yourself and do the minimum to finish in time or do you attempt to finish faster and risk burning yourself out?

Mobility WOD